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11 Famous Amul Topical Ads Over The Years

| Published on September 24, 2021

Amul has been a leading brand in India. While the products by the brand have their own place in the Indian household, the Amul Girl has become more popular over the years.

The Amul Girl was created in 1965 by Sylvester daCunha and Eustace Fernandes to compete with the rival brand Polson’s butter-girl. To everyone’s surprise, this baby girl has been the most controversial cartoon of all time.

Through the Amul Girl cartoon, the brand has commented on almost every development in India from politics to cricket and even on Bollywood.

Here are some of the most famous topical ads featuring the Amul Girl.

2001 – Monkey Man

During that year, Delhi was being terrorized by the infamous ‘Monkey Man’. The terror was so much so that even Amul was quick to make a poster about it.

2003 – The Cola Controversy

In 2003, Amul made an ad on the controversy on the findings by NGO, The Centre for Science and Environment, that leading colas and carbonated soft drinks contain dangerously high levels of pesticide residues which are likely to be hazardous for health.

2004 – Laxmi Pandit Miss India Controversy

Many of you might remember when back in 2004, Laxmi Pandit had surrendered her title of Miss India after being accused of lying about her marital status. Pandit had later stated that though she is unmarried but had misrepresented her marital status to get accommodation in the city.

2007 – Richard Gere’s Kiss Controversy

In 2007, Amul launched an ad about the controversial kiss of Richard Gere & Shilpa Shetty that agitated many sections of the Indian society.

2009 – One Year To The Attacks Of 26/11

Amul showcased the burning rage and flickering hope amongst the people, on the first anniversary of the terrorist attack in Mumbai.

2012: Ajmal Kasab Hanged

In the early hours of 21 Nov’12, Ajmal Kasab was hanged for his crimes and the country was delivered justice.

2015 – Delhi Politics

Amul has never shied away from commenting on current political matters. In 2015, Amul girl launched a poster stating ‘Delhi battle between Chief Minister & Lieutenant Governor!’

2018 – Commenting On Global Warming

Amul has also done its due diligence, time and again, to educated people about the effects of Global Warming. Take a look at the poster launched in 2018 after a dangerous rise in temp due to global warming.

2019- US-China Trade War

2020 – Facebook & Jio Deal

In a monumental deal, Facebook acquired a 9.99% stake in an all-cash deal in Jio Platform. The deal made headlines globally and Amul did its part too.

2021 – The Olympic Win

While Amul launched an array of ads for this year’s Olympic wins, the one that stood out was for none other than Neeraj Chopra.

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