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After #10YearChallenge, Zomato Tries Starting 10 Minute Trend. Gets Brutally Trolled

| Published on January 16, 2019

Social Media has become a place where new trends are coming regularly and people follow these with full excitement. Most of you must have noticed that a recent challenge is quite trending in the Digital space. This movement involves posting a picture from ten years ago, to show how you aged gracefully.

This challenge is accepted by all. Starting from celebrities to commoners, everyone is busy posting pictures to share the ten-year difference of oneself. Brands are also not behind when it comes to accepting such challenges. Recently, Zomato tried to engage with audience by starting a new 10 min trend.

What’s interesting is that users online are making fun of this post due to the recent controversy Zomato was involved in. If you want to know what actually had happened, you can read this.

Here are some of the best responses:

After Pickup, Before Delivery

Delivery boy ate it on the way?


A 10-day challenge for Zomato

New uniform for employees

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One can learn a lot from this incident. If you are working in social media, be very careful about the past instances and don’t follow the trend just for the sake of it. One can also see this as a clever move because Zomato is getting what it wants from this post. Attention and engagement. But is it the right way?

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