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106 Years Old Indian Grandma, Mastanamma Slaying It With Her Skills On YouTube!

| Published on August 8, 2017

How to become an Internet sensation even at the age of 106 years? Well, meet Mastanamma, an old woman in a simple saree, sitting in front of her chulha cooking delicacies in her own way who amassed 557k subscribers and 52 million views. Hailing from a village in Andhra Pradesh named Gudivada in Guntur district, she has only one great possession-her passion. Her passion to cook in her coconut shell in a simple way and marinating her chicken and tasting herself her own made dish. No age is a barrier and nowadays with Internet reaching every corner of the country, nothing is impossible. She proves it!

Access to Youtube has made a lot of YouTube stars grow in India and anything unique is an instant fame in the social media market. Her Grandson K.Laxman manages her YouTube account and her channel Country Foods is a huge hit.

She is well known among local people as she cooks food for every individual who visits her in her village and without any assistance from anyone. That becomes the storyline of her each video. She cooks everything ranging from Egg Dosa’s to Pineapple Chicken to Bamboo made Chicken Curry and grabs eyeballs of millions offer subscribers.

With no fancy cookware unlike other cooking tutorials in YouTube she just has a big oven and a pot along with an Indian Knife to chop her ingredients and prepare a traditional dish. She must be unaware of her popularity and know that she is a star but that ignorance makes her more special to the viewers.

She never stops at this age. She boasts of preparing Western dishes too. One video shows her making french-fry style chips – with a little more seasoning than you’d get in a McDonald’s restaurant. Another shows her making chicken burgers with slices of melting cheese.

Her Grandson, Laxman on commenting on the journey of more than 261,220+ subscribers and 47,210,753+ views said that it all started in a jiffy. He said,

One day we prepared fried rice in a room with my friend, we have shooted everything and uploaded on YouTube just for fun. Surprisingly we got many views for that video, at that time got an idea of starting a YouTube to share traditional recipes with fresh foods with the help of my grandmother Mastanamma. Stating she did not understand what is going on, while we are filming the videos. After That, she realized felt very happy. She was a typically an Indian Grandmother cares and shows affection on everybody to share food. She shares her old memories and stories to views while cooking in her videos. She was specialized with her recipes compared to other recipes like Traditional Mutton Biryani, KFC Style village Chicken, Drumsticks gravy with Pulao, Emu egg omelet, Egg Idly, Brinjal Curry and etc.

She is now a celebrity. She also gets messages from fans in the US, UK, UAE and even Pakistan. This month, they even sent money and gifts for a small birthday celebration for Mastanamma’s 106th birthday. Among them were a sari and a greeting card sent by a fan from Islamabad, Pakistan.

Mastanamma became India’s first oldest YouTuber, best tradition Cook, and YouTube Sensation in the World. Kudos to her and her grandson’s marketing mind!

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