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These 10 Work Related Laws Of Other Nations That Prove Job Life Doesn’t Suck!

| Published on September 2, 2017

How many of you are unhappy with your daily job life? I know at least 90% of the people reading this are. And why not? A job nowadays is all about being in the race. No matter you love it or not, every Monday morning to Friday evening you have to put up a smile on your face and go for that same old work. Certain IT sectors even have rules of working on weekends. That’s when you feel how miserable life is!


Only those people are lucky who have made their passion a job, others just look like puppets in the hand of their bosses and managers. But not everywhere on this Earth. Few nations exist that have awesome workplace plans that just solves the perfect problems. Yes, I am not lying at all! Rub your eyes and read again.

Here we list for you some work rules of other nations that will blow your mind:

1. Japan allow employees to take a nap during work hours

All you needed was a nap to rest yourself from the stress. Japan exactly does that letting their employees take a nap between work. Now you love Japan, don’t you?


2. Employees enjoy a 3 day weekend in Netherland

That moment when you can’t even have a one day weekend leave if you are in an IT sector whereas Netherland offers 3 days leave on weekends. How does that hurt? Those people are really blessed.

3. Reading break during work in UAE

There are few people who exist in this world who hates reading. Reading is kind of a recreation and it’s said to refresh one’s mind. In UAE employees are given free reading time. Learn as well as earn doing your job. How cool i that?


4. Take a leave to start a business in France

As per The Week, In the years following the recession and economic crunch, many French entrepreneurs decided to close down their own ventures and take up a regular paying job. To encourage entrepreneurship, employees who had been with a company for at least two years were allowed to take 12 unpaid months off to start their own business. And they would get their job back, too, in case things didn’t work out. Hope India does that too soon!

5. You won’t get fired from your job in Portugal

Pardon, what? Termination period is not defined in the Portugal’s labor law so there’s 100% job security. In India, you just have to be extra lucky to not get fired on your bad day.

6. No work related emails in weekend in France

The French law cares about people’s personal lives. So they send n work related emails on weekends. Thus people are happier to join job on Mondays.

7. Travel time is treated as work time in European countries

How many days have you suffered rants from your boss due to arriving late at the office? And then you have cursed the traffic.Must be innumerable. European Court of Justice has made it clear that the time in which an employee travels to and back from office, will be included in the total work hours. Let’s go to Europe.


8. Japan stresses hard on people’s health

In India no matter how severe your health issue is, still you have to travel all the way for your job. Japanese do an annual medical examination of their employees and here waistline measurement is very important. According to a 2008 law, the employees (between 40 and 75) whose waistlines exceed a certain limit are given counseling and diet recommendations. They are given leave for any health problem.

9. Maternal & Paternal leave benefits

Bulgaria and Sweden let ladies take up to 410 maternal leaves for which they even get 90% of the salary. Sweden allows 42 leaves with 80% salary. Canada & Britain also allow 52 weeks of leave. In Bulgaria, an additional 1 year of paternal leave is allowed for the basic salary. The father and grandparents can also grant a leave. Though the Government of India has the law of taking leave for pregnant women.

10. Leave to travel

This feels like a boon! In foreign countries, travelling is given much importance. In Australia, an employee can get 28 paid leaves for vacation. Most European nations and New Zealand allow 30 to 35 vacation leaves. Brazilians are allowed 41 vacation leaves per year.

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You must now be thinking to pack your bag and apply for jobs in those countries. What workplace laws you think your job should have?

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