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10 Weird Advertising Slogans That Will Make You Question Everything

| Published on May 5, 2021

The advertising world always baffles us with quirky punch lines that are on the spot. Some are meme-worthy while others flow with the situation. While a number of brands have worked their way in creating brilliant ads that are short, sweet, and straightforward, some others have created weird ones over the years that are absolutely noteworthy because of their double meaning.

Wondering what these are? Here’s a look at the 10 weirdest advertisements ever made.

Innuendo Visible To Many

We’re sure SEGA looks back and regrets everything about this advertisement.

It Just Sounds Wrong

The copywriters should have known better. Also, this comes to mind – what more can an Electrolux do?

What Should NOT Be In A Jewelry Advertisement

There’s more to jewelry than holes. Clearly, they gave a very ‘wholesome’ welcome to Maria Tash.

We Hope They Didn’t Mean It Literally

Why would you in the first place?

Not Passing the Right Message Here

Base line is – Cheating is wrong, no matter what or who you cheat on. Reebok – being the brand it is today – could’ve surely done better in the past.

Just Wouldn’t Work Today

We don’t care about how small or big you are. It’s your body. You should do as you please and not try to fit into societal norms.

What Can You Actually Do With That?

Self-explanatory but they should’ve thought about it twice before publishing this advertisement.

So It Would Drink Itself?

Makes no sense at all.

Not a Happy Women’s Day At All

You would get a lot of flak for posting something like this today.

No One Cares About Colour Anymore

You wouldn’t be spared for this kind of discrimination in today’s day and age.

Have you come across even weirder advertisements?

Source: Bored Panda

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