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10 Most Unusual Jobs In The World

| Published on September 25, 2018

Well, In India the culture has just started, but in foreign countries, these odd jobs pay a decent amount of money and you will be surprised at the kind of work they require to do. Here are the 10 most unusual of jobs in the world.

1. Professional Snuggler


If you need a hug, a cuddle or a snuggle and you are all alone, a professional snuggler is available to take off your momentary needs. If you need to be hugged, cuddled, and snuggled, but you’re all alone, then your answer is a professional snuggler. There is a rise in the number of companies providing this service and the snuggler gets paid anything between $60- $80 an hour and mind you, its only hugs and nothing more than that.

2. Bed Tester


These lucky people are paid to sleep at work. Frankly speaking, they are called to test the beds, mattresses, and pillows for hotels and companies. And in reality it’s quite a hard work, as the tester needs to know how to lie down in order to check that the mattress is comfortable, has no dips and that the edges of the bed are strong enough to sit.

3. Armpit Sniffer

One of the oddest jobs on the list; they usually work for deodorant manufacturers to ensure the quality of the product. They spend their days in hot rooms or outdoors and sniff up to 60 armpits an hour. They then write up their reports explaining the effectiveness of the deodorant.

4. Body Part Model


Seen ads wherein all you see is a particular body part and not the whole person, those are called body part models. Pretty hands, neck, and feet usually get you the work, but in some odd cases, even ugly looking hands and feet get work. These body part models are also quite heavily paid.

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5. Snake Milker


Snake poison is used the world over to make antivenom medicines, and for the same extracting poison from the snakes is important. These snake milkers, spend their day pushing the snakes to extract their venom in plastic containers that are later used by pharmaceutical companies to make antivenoms. Only certain types of snakes are used for this purpose.

6. Water Slide Tester


The sole responsibility of a water slide tester is to take down several trips down the slide to evaluate, how much water is required, how safe it is and how much fun it would prove to be people like us, enjoying these slides.

7. Line Stander


Hate standing in long queues, a line stander is your problem solver. To stand in queues for long hours and spend their time waiting till your turn comes, these people sometimes stand as long as 18-19 hours for things like free samples from a new store. It’s a hard and extremely boring job and hence pays quite well.

8. Pet Food Tester


Ever wondered the particular flavor of food your dog prefers, who decides what will be the best for your pets? Well, there are people called pet food testers, who taste and check the food that is made for pets and evaluate flavors and quality check for the food. Even animals deserve good quality and flavorful food.

9. Face Feeler

Cosmetic and skin care products companies hire these guys. They do not develop any products, but their expertise lies and feeling a face and evaluating the improvements on the face after using particular products. They carry a huge responsibility on their shoulders of approving and declining products bases the use of their hands on the skin.

10. Stunt Tester


You have often seen people performing weird stunts on shows like X-factor and fear factor. But before ensuring the stunt is safe for the participants, these stunt testers are hired to test the stunt. It even includes eating those insects or bugs. Since their job involves high risks, they are paid very highly for this odd job.

So which job did you find the most unusual?

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