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3 minutes read

10 Tricks Marketing Experts Never Want You To Know!

| Published on May 6, 2019

In today’s era, everything is all about marketing. How well can you promote or advertise your product? Rather how well can you convince your customer to buy your product?

Many times, we go to a store to buy something and return back buying something else. Interestingly, we don’t even have a justification for that. Ever thought what is the reason behind this?

Honestly speaking, its none of our faults, it’s just a trap set up by the marketing experts behind the scenes. Let us know some interesting secrets which marketing experts use to confuse us in the stores:

1. You won’t believe but rebranding or slightly changing the recipe increases the value of a product. Just updating the looks of an ordinary cake into fancy muffins or cupcakes, brings glory to the cake.

2. Smartly composing the menus of restaurants. Using family images to make it nostalgic to good memories. Using warm colours to arouse the appetite better. Always remember we start with the upper part of the menu first and that’s why all expensive dishes are placed there.

3. To make sure that customers don’t avoid a product on the basis of its pricing, experts add a similar product with a higher price so that the initial one will seem cheap enough by comparison.

4. Experts know that we are too lazy to open the plastic package and fetch just one bottle, rather we take the whole package for later use.

5. We are often mistaken that the red price tag as higher cost in supermarkets, usually, the price remains the same for the others too, and the tag is just a bright piece of paper. Many stores are arranged so that the customers go counter-clockwise. Interestingly, we always turn left and most frequently look at the middle of the wall to the right – exactly where merchandisers put the expiring or most expensive goods.

6. Surprisingly, the carts provided to us makes much noise and we slow down to avoid it. This makes us spend more time at the store, taking a good look at the offers and probably buying more.

7. Have you ever noticed in chewing gum ads that people always take two pieces at a time? Amazingly, it’s a trick to make you think it’s the correct way to chew it forcing you to buy twice as many pieces during the same period of time.

8. Manufacturers always try to exaggerate their product by saying that their product is recommended by 9 out of 10 people in the country.

9. Studies prove that products of women and girls cost 7% more than similar products for men and boys. The only difference being is their colour due to the opinion that women are the best customers.

10. Marketing experts have a great skill of manipulating terms when writing descriptions for food products. For instance, cheese which is separately packed in slices, actually have the content of real cheese which is less than 51%.

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