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10 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Boss

| Published on July 28, 2019

With the growth of multinational corporations in India the trend of working in teams has increased in big numbers. It is rightly said that employees learn what their boss does but if you are someone who has changed a company in recent times, we have some tips that will help you survive more in this competitive culture. Below are ten things one should tell a boss. Have a look:

Relationship issues

Its good to be open with your boss but when it comes down to sharing personal things like relationship problems you need to be very careful.

Family problems

Similarly, if you are having a fight with your parents, children, its not a good idea to reveal everything too a boss.

Financial problems

This one is a really important tip as telling abut financial issues can make your boss take advantage of your bad situation as he/she will know that you are under some immense pressure financially.

Thoughts about co-workers


If you have any problem with your co-worker, try to solve that on your own level by discussing with the person. Don’t complain about them to your boss.

Looking for a new job


It is worse if your boss comes to know that you are looking to leave your present job and looking for a new company. If the boss finds out that you are going to leave, he will try to find someone to replace you and you can feel weird.

Mental health issues

We all have ups and downs in our lives and sometimes, stress takes over our normal mind. In such a situation, try avoiding telling about your mental health issues to the boss.

Your crush on a collegue

It’s fine to have a crush on a colleague or co-worker, but it can cause problems if everyone gets to know about it.

Bitching about previous boss

You may think that your present boss will feel good knowing the bad habits of our older boss, but this puts a bad impression from your side as it will give your boss an idea that you are a back bitcher and you will talk the same about him to your next boss.

Bad habits from the past

We all have some bad habits that we overcome as we get mature. Telling incidents like getting high on weed or getting in jail for some reason might be a good story to tell but your boss will judge you by your past.

Getting bored with work

Last but not least, Never tell your boss that you are getting bored in the office. If you don’t have a task, ask for something interesting or just wait quietly for the assignment.

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