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10 Things You Must Never ‘Google It’

| Published on November 13, 2019

Google, the savior of all, for everything and anything, so much so, that ‘Google it’ has now officially been introduced in the dictionary! You can Google food options, restaurant numbers, get locations and find answers to almost all the questions.

However, that doesn’t imply that everything on this online search engine is trustable and reliable. It is highly suggested to not Google everything now since there’s been a constant rise in online scams and frauds.

1) The Banking world


You know how you use online websites of your bank for transactions and card payments? Don’t Google that URL. Only type it in if you remember or access it through your bank’s standard official website. This is to safeguard yourself against any phishing website which can get access to your Bank credentials easily.

2) The Medicinal Story

Don’t start using Google for any medical-related queries by entering your symptoms and finding medicines for them. Visit a doctor just like the old days. Many diseases have common symptoms but different medicines. Medical history, age and other factors should be considered which a search engine like Google doesn’t.

3) The customer lane

Don’t go around searching for customer care numbers on Google because there are many scams and ploys waiting. Many fake numbers are also added by various sources as scams.

4) The Financial guide

Google things

Don’t rely on Google search engine and links as the final call for your investment and financial advice plans. Google gives a common plan to all, and finances are certainly not a ‘one-shoe-fits-all’ kind of thing.

5) The Government doze

Don’t go searching for Government websites as there are always gateways for scams especially when it’s about the power in force. As Government websites are difficult to differentiate between real and scammers, there’s a high probability of getting hacked.

6) The Offer method

Don’t go looking for e-commerce websites and their respective offers on Google. You might see attractive deals and click but then enter risky websites or give away your details to scammers.

7) The Antivirus Detail

What to Google

Again, high chances of fake products and website deals when you are looking for an antivirus for your computer. In fact, things will turn around if you click on a malicious website.

8) The Embarrassed way

Don’t search for any content or data that will remain in your Google history and later embarrass you. Google Ads appear via your initial searches and you don’t want anything popping up infront of people.

9) The Social Media game

Don’t access your social media account after searching on Google for the website. Directly go to the URL and login to avoid any leaks of your credentials.

10) The Weight loss stunt

Don’t go for tips to lose weight on Google. Everyone has a different body; everyone needs a different diet and medicines and Google is not efficient to identify that. (atleast not as yet!)

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