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10 Things Which Most People Lie About On Their Resume

| Published on August 13, 2019

While giving a job interview, we always try to present ourselves in the best light. Our complete focus is to impress the interviewers with a long list of skills and experience we possess.


But in doing so most of us have at times lied on our resumes. However desperate we may be to get the job we should understand that sometimes, these small lies, might backfire.

Here is a list of the usual lies we tell during an interview.

01. Qualification Certificates Go Overboard Sometimes.

Apart from our usual school and college certificates, people sometimes lie about certain skilled courses and present exaggerated certificates. Mentioning a certificate course which has nothing to do with the job offered might not end to be helpful.

02. List of Your Skill Sets.

Using heavy words under the skills section on the resume might make you look smart. But what if you don’t possess those skills. Like putting knowledge about computer software might get you a job in that field and if you don’t know anything about it will land you in trouble.

03. Language Proficiency

People lie about this part of the resume section more often than you can imagine. However impressive it may make you look, it could also put you in trouble if that particular skill is actually required on the job. Things will get embarrassing.

04. Awards & Recognitions

People add extra awards and accolades which they never got during their tenure, thinking that their resume will impress the employees. Well if it turns out to be fake, you can be barred from the company for lying for life.

05. False Reason For Leaving Last Job

People might not always have a pleasant experience leaving their previous job. Therefore they end up lying. Say you were asked to leave due to your lack of performance and when asked you lie and falsely blame the company for it.

Every applicant’s last job is usually cross-checked with your previous employer. And if your reasons do not match you will get rejected and may have to face some embarrassment. So it is better to come clean about the reason you left your last company.

06. Previous Job Designation

If you were junior in your office but you write senior on the resume in order to bag a better job, you will end up nowhere. Job profile should always be true on your CV, no matter what it is.

07. Last Pay Structure

Salary is the most-lied about on one’s resume. People usually exaggerate there salary and CTC on their profile so that they can demand higher from their next employers.

08. Volunteering Experience

Mentioning volunteer works doesn’t need proof or certificate so people lie about it. Doing volunteer work shows that you are selfless who thinks about others, but lying about it is morally incorrect.

09. Hobbies & Interests.

Of course, nobody can be honest about this section. Cause we all know we got nothing. Some of us at least. But just to sound cool you mention, reading books, listening to music, traveling, etc. Usually, interviewers are least interested in this part, but if by any chance they also love traveling or reading a book, they might ask you a thing or two about it and your lie will be uncovered.

10. Reference

Most people put their father’s or friend’s number in the reference section. It might seem clever but trust us it will do you no good. Most of the employers call your reference and ask about your work and job profile in detail. Chances are your friend and relative might not know everything and disclose your lie.

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