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10 Hilarious Signs That Will Surely Make You Laugh

| Published on August 4, 2022

Have you come across any signboards that wanted to convey something but failed miserably? Well, we have these below-mentioned signs for you that will leave you giggling away.

Why not add some fun to your mid-week schedule and drive the blues away?

Assorted or Something Else?

Assorted fudge sign | Marketing Mind

The worker probably got confused between assorted and what’s written on the sign. Or did he?

Tinder in Reality

Tinder sign | Marketing Mind

Why use the Tinder app when you can meet people in real life? The perfect meet-cute always starts in a quaint cafe or restaurant.

Are you ashamed yet?

Sign about littering | Marketing Mind

Littering is an offence. Let’s see what’s your reason to litter around the road.

Who was using this anyway?

Soda sign | Marketing Mind

Kind of obvious right? Maybe not, for some people.

Poop also gets measured it seems

Sign about poo size | Marketing Mind

They probably faced a crappy incident earlier.

One for the Rabbits

Sign about smoking rabbits | Marketing Mind

We wouldn’t want to create a habit for them, would we?

The Dogs too for that matter

Smoking dogs sign | Marketing Mind

That would actually be a funny sight, don’t you think?

Clever Pee Sign

Pool sign about pee | Marketing Mind

People need to swim in peace.


Sign about belly rubs | Marketing Mind

A haven for pets. Not much for people though.

Become Responsible

Baby and beer sign | Marketing Mind

Beers and babies need to be carried the same way. Obviously!

Any other funny signs that you have come across? Let us know in the comments.

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