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10 Richest Self-Made Women In the World 2020

| Published on April 3, 2020

While there are some people in the world who were given a golden spoon since they were born, others had to struggle to build a fortune for themselves. Today, we take a look at the richest women in the world who proved that working hard can make you wealthy in no time!

1. Doris Fisher $2.2 Billion

The owner of GAP, Doris Fisher, raised around $63,000 with her husband Donald Fisher in 1969 and opened their first store together in San Fransisco. Fond of jeans that fit everybody and music, they managed to create an empire for themselves by 2003. Currently, Fisher and her sons own 43% of GAP while the rest is owned by various trusts and limited liability companies.

296 Doris Fisher - The Forbes 400 Richest Americans 2009 -

2. Oprah Winfrey $2.6 Billion

Oprah Winfrey is popular all over the world for being a spiritual guide and philanthropist. She was born into humble roots with severe poverty at Mississippi. She started her own American talk show which helped her earn millions as she ran it for 25 years. Before she shut down her talk show in 2011, she opened the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

Oprah Winfrey

3. Wu Yajun $13.5 Billion

Wu Yajun is the owner of Hong Kong-listed real estate organisation, Longfer Properties which was established in 1993. She was earlier an editor and journalist at the China Shrong News Agency. This helped her in making connections with the Chinese government and businessmen in the world provided her with the kick to start her real estate venture. Today, her daughter, Cai Xinyi, owns the shares of her company

Wu Yajun | Fortune

4. Denise Coates $5.4 Billion

A college graduate who goes on to sell her betting stores to eventually start her online betting empire is the story of Denise Coates. She owns the website and owns half of it, which annually generates $65 billion through bets. She is considered to be the highest-paid CEO of any UK company.

Denise Coates

5. Marian Ilitch $3.8 Billion

Marian Ilitch is the founder of Little Ceaser’s Pizza, which she started along with her husband in 1959. The chain owned by them has restaurants, entertainment, sports and gaming centres under it.

Marian Ilitch

6. Angela Leong $3 billion

7. Rita Tong Liu $3.6 billion

8. Chan Laiwa $5.8 billion

9. Diane Hendricks $7.2 billion

10. Gina Rinehart $13.4 billion

Source: CEO Today

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