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10 Rich & Successful Tech Company Owners Who Never Graduated College

| Published on May 27, 2019

We live in a society in which getting a college degree is considered as safety when it comes to earning money. The thing about today’s colleges is they are becoming expensive than ever and not everyone can afford that much.

Well, if you are some feeling down due to not getting admission in a reputed college, we are presenting you a list of tech company owners who never completed a college degree yet are ruling the business world and are giving jobs to those college graduates.

1. Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook

Mark never completed any of his two majors (psychology and computer science). He launched Facebook when he was a student at Harvard University and dropped out to move to Palo Alto and work on his company full-time.

2. Jack Dorsey: Twitter


Dorsey has dropped out of his colleges twice. He first took admission at the University of Missouri-Rolla, but he transferred to NYU after two years. During those times he got the idea for Twitter while at NYU, he dropped out to work with a tech company.

3. Steve Jobs


Steve attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon. In a speech available on youTube, he has shared his experience at Stanford and how he was unable to attend the classes. He dropped out after one semester, but stayed in the area and attended classes like calligraphy which helped Jobs later when he used it in the Mac personal computer he developed.

4. Jan Koum: WhatsApp


Jan got admission in enrolled in San Jose State University while he was working as a security tester at Ernst & Young. Working on an assignment for his college, he was brought on to help out at Yahoo, where he met his future WhatsApp co-founder, Brian Acton.

5. Travis Kalanick: Uber

Travis enrolled in UCLA to study computer engineering. There he met two classmates named Michael Todd and Vince Busam and worked with them to develop a peer-to-peer search engine called Scour. Kalanick decided to drop out of school in 1998.

6. David Karp: Tumblr


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Karp dropped out at the age of 14. Instead of going to college, he entered the tech scene and became the CTO for an online messaging board called UrbanBaby that was bought by CNET in 2006.

7. Michael Dell: Dell


Dell attended the University of Texas in 1983 but decided to drop out. During the initial days, Dell sold $180,000 worth of reworked PC computers, which was enough to convince his parents he didn’t have to go back to college. He has even shared his letter that he wrote to parents.

8. Paul Allen: cofounder, Microsoft


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Allen dropped out of Washington State University to work as a programmer in Boston. There he met his longtime friend- Bill Gates who was attending Harvard. Allen got a job offer from Honeywell and later co-founded Microsoft along with Bill.

9. Bill Gates — cofounder, Microsoft


Gates left Harvard in 1975 to start Microsoft with his friend Paul Allen. When Gates left college, he took it as an official leave of absence. This allowed him to return to school “if things hadn’t worked out.”

10. Arash Ferdowsi — cofounder, Dropbox

Arash attended MIT and studied computer science. During his college days, Drew Houston reached out to Ferdowsi to work on an idea for cloud storage service that later became Dropbox. Ferdowsi dropped out of MIT in his last semester to dedicate himself fully to Dropbox.

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