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10 Reasons Why Baba Ramdev Should Be Given The Best Marketing Manager Award

| Published on June 30, 2017

Is Baba Ramdev a Businessman? An Entrepreneur? No! He is just a Yoga Guru but he started his brand Patanjali and marketed his products in the best possible way!

Patanjali is an FMCG empire that came into market with a comparatively low price than its other counterparts. But now this is a well-known brand in India. It has swept away all the other local brands and best brands of the country in past few years to attract audience. Low price and best quality are the key ingredients that have worked wonders for Patanjali.

Patanjali sells more than 200 products in various categories. Only product quality is not enough for developing a brand or make it a successful venture, then what was the strategy? What gave them overnight success? Overall, if looked upon broadly, I feel there’s no secret ingredient (as Mr. Ping, Kung Fu Panda’s duck dad, would say)

No Secrets

The secret is unveiled. Let us have a look!

1. Striking The Iron When It’s Hot

Westernization went too far. Media was already covering the ill effect of chemically made products and thus people started shifting their focus on Ayurveda or organically made products. This was the time when Baba Ramdev came into the business. He made people believe in his ‘other ways’. Yoga was seen as a solution to all problems people were facing. Weight Problem? Do Yoga! Digestion Problem? Do yoga! (the list is never ending).

Yoga : The Saviour

Ramdev became a brand for Yoga and his initiatives in various parts of India made him a giant in the business. That’s when the seed for Patanjali was sown. Just when people shifted their liking for Ayurveda products, the hammer was struck and the result couldn’t have been better.

Evolution Of The New Brand

For Example: When there was a problem in the market with Maggi, Patanjali came up with their Atta Noodles to grab the market. Brilliant as I must say!

Patanjali Atta Noodles Launch

2. Multi Product Strategy

Patanjali has multiple ranges of products. The products that were launched at first were the ones of daily use so that the audience can connect easily. Even product names were kept similar. This reduces confusion among the end consumers. Some brands launch various products under its name like Lever, but Patanjali always sticks to one brand name and thus making less confusion among consumers!

Range Of Products

3. Brand Strategy

Imagine you have 2 or 3 products in market serving same purpose. They are already well-established ones. Now, what will you do to make them believe in your product? How to sway their minds? When someone tries to force a product, it’s termed as ‘overselling’. Ramdev never forced their consumers but instead created an environment that would force them to buy ayurvedic products. Making people fainthearted about the diseases and ill effects that chemical products can cause was what Baba Ramdev worked on and the result came in hand.

They followed a single brand strategy.

As Baba Ramdev Says

So Patanjali says,

“Pick our product – it is the same product with no harmful chemicals. Plus by buying our products, you are ensuring the money you spend stays in India”.

4. Building A Community

Most brands go through hectic market research before launching products. But Patanjali had other ways. Baba Ramdev first created his set of ardent followers through Yoga teaching and he was successful. People accepted him well and followed his steps for getting a healthy future.

Teaching Yoga

For Example: Patanjali has its own food park started long back in 2009. It’s under government scheme standing over a 100 acre land.

The Patanjali University

5. Weight Loss Products

When his Yoga did wonders, why can’t his products? Obesity is one of the major problems in society nowadays. Society nowadays eyes for looking fit and also staying fit. The reason why people are building faith in methods that are helping them to see a healthier future. That was the time when Patanjali launched its weight loss products into markets.

Many Bollywood celebrities too couldn’t restrict themselves from using these for a flat stomach. The products were very cheap and were named ‘Patanjali Yogpeeth’.

Shilpa Shetty: An Ardent Follower

Amla Juice and Herbal Tea are among the most popular ones.

6. Discounts

Nowadays, brands leave no stone unturned to attract audience by giving attractive offers. Patanjali products are a huge success due to the fact that they are highly affordable due to low price. Discounts are given at a percentage that is higher than its competitors in market. As the products are generally received direct from farms so the middlemen business is low thus giving a 20% profitable market.

7. Advertisement

To launch a chain of product in market, the first thing is a good advertisement. And Baba Ramdev did it well. From his Yoga campaigns to his DVDs that consist of various tips for staying fit and healthy, this man has done it all. Keeping in mind the present social status, Digital Marketing to is done where people can actually go through their products and buy online. Their official site showcases the philosophies and effects of Ayurveda and also gives the audience an insight into their market. That is truly brilliant.

The e-Commerce Site

Patanjali has hired two top advertising agencies McCann and Mudra for further promotion

Baba Ramdev is quite popular among crowd and thus further promotion is done by the man himself in several reality shows and his appearance on Aastha Channel! Cool Tricks! Isn’t it?

Ramdev With Narendra Modi

Ramdev On The Sets Of Naach Baliye

8. Skilled People

Ramdev did a clever job by hiring skilled people for the brand. People from fields of biology or science or ones with Ph.D. were carefully selected for building perfect products and making them best from the rest.

9. Easy Availability

For being successful a product should be easily available in market. They are available in malls, retail shops and also online at cheap prices. Products are sold through three types of medical centers. Patanjali Chikitsalaya which are clinics along with doctors, Patanjali Arogya Kendra which are health and wellness centres and Swadeshi Kendra, non-medicine outlets.

The Ayurveda Product For Liver Cirrhosis

They have 5000 franchise stores and have an average of Rs.25,000 turnover each day.

The Range Of Ayurvedas

10. Consistency

If your product quality is not maintained then surely your market will fall down. So this is most important factor for any brand to grow. Patanjali over the years has maintained a value and a status for their products that have well attracted the crowd. Launching products at perfect times that would cater to the needs of individuals is shrewd marketing and Patanjali is slowly and steadily using that strategy.

Patanjali Recently Launched Beauty Products

They knew well taking a popular celebrity as an ambassador would not help or go along with their mantra so they never did go for Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan but kept it simple with just Baba Ramdev doing it all for them!

Manasa Savnur, on this context, says :

I love patanjali advertisements because it’s so clean and absolutely zero crap.Also, I’d listen to baba ramdev, not Katrina kaif. I know for a fact she does not wash her hair with Pantene. I doubt if she even washes her own hair. I thought stylists are hired for a reason.

The Light Of A New Era

Can you think of any other reason? Let us know!

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