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10 Products From Popular Brands That Failed Badly

| Published on December 7, 2019

There are highs and then there are the lows. It’s the same ride for everyone, the rich and the poor, the famous and the struggling, the old and the young.

Yes, I mean, think about it, every big corporate you can think of has made a grand mistake to starmark their otherwise amazing track record. Most celebrities have at least one wrong movie choice in their portfolios and big angel investors have always had one bad glitch.

Talking about corporates and their mistakes, technology, and its advancements are where the stumble happens. Then there are food items that fail to play the experiment card too. A few major ones to know about –

1) Google glass

A failure even after multiple tries to innovate and launch, Google Glass was made to act as a database right in front of your eyes, quite literally. The expensive pricing, privacy issues, and ineffective marketing lead to the downfall of a wonderful piece of technology.

2) Microsoft Spot

Launched more than a decade ago, it was a watch that was a little ahead yet a little late in terms of its launch. A little ahead in terms of being a watch that gave all information like the weather, stocks in one place and a little late in terms of being more sophisticated and convenient in design.

3) Segway

Launched to make transport fun, the expensive pricing and lack of infrastructure to support the product led to its shutdown. It is now only seen as a joyride in a few theme parks (extremely pricey) and in corporate parks to make short distance travel easy.

4) Fitbit Force

The brand that has numerous successful products in the market today also had its fair share of failure. FitBit force was launched a while back and then faced a lawsuit in California. This was because the device was reacting with the skin, causing blisters and burns, a huge negative on its reputation.

5) Tata Nano

It was the dream car of the Tata Umpire, launched for the budget families and India’s common man. The price was low and the size was compact, yet the car failed to last long. Complains of the car bursting into flames became viral on the internet and hence, production had to be stopped.

6) HoverBoards

Initially seen as a raving success, HoverBoards struck a chord when reports of it bursting into flames went viral. Infact, it wasn’t just one brand but multiple brands and their products that had this issue.

7) Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon tried really hard to enter a new market, via the launch of its new phone series. However, the phone lacked enough apps, had bugs and failed to have a good attractive design. Talk about trying too hard.

8) HP Touchpad

The launch of HP Touchpad was just a case of wrong timing. It was given out in 2011 right after Apple iPad launch in 2010 but again faced tough competition from another Apple edition in March 2011. Apple made its customer base strong, HP couldn’t.

9) Galaxy Note7 Samsung

Another addition in terms of mobile phone companies and cases of fire. A few months into launch, the phone was called back and the production was stopped when cases of it bursting were continuously reported.

10) Watermelon Oreo

Oreo tried to figure out a new flavour to add in its portfolio. Just that, it was a little too much, watermelon flavour, unheard of and highly disliked. Somethings are just not meant for experiments!

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