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10 Popular Brand Names That Are Often Mispronounced & Their Correct Pronunciations

| Published on February 6, 2020

There are countless brands in the world with names that make a memorable impression on the consumers because of their profound meaning. But, most of the times, we don’t even know the correct pronunciation of the name, let alone its meaning. Here are some popular brand names that people often mispronounce, especially in India.

1. Adidas

Wrong pronunciation: A-dee-daas
Correct pronunciation: A-di-dus

Adidas is undeniably one of the biggest manufacturers of sportswear and has three parallel strips in its logo that portray a mountain and is indicative of goals and objectives.

2. Chevrolet

Wrong pronunciation: Shevro-let
Correct pronunciation: Shev-ro-lay

Chevrolet, has an easily recognizable logo that is designed in gold and yellow colors and decorated with a silver border.

3. Chanel

Wrong pronunciation: Cha-nul
Correct pronunciation: Sh-nell

Best known for its ‘Haute Couture’, Chanel is a world renounced fashion house which has been recognized for its elitism and excellence.

4. Gucci

Wrong pronunication: Gu-ki
Correct pronunciation: Gu-chi

Gucci is a highly prestigious brand that excels in leather products and the “double G” of its logo has been worn by countless celebrities as a fashion statement.

5. Hyundai

Wrong pronunciation: Hyun-day-i
Correct pronunciation: Hyoon-die

Hyundai Motor Company, a leading global automaker, has as its logo a slanted, stylish ‘H’ that symbolizes the handshake of trust between the customer and the company.

6. Lamborghini

Often pronounced as: Lum-bore-gheenee
Correct pronunciation: Lam-burr-gi-ni

Lamborghini is a highly esteemed Italian manufacturer of high-velocity sportscars, whose logo comprises of a snorting bull which has originated from the zodiac sign, Taurus (bull) of the company’s founder.

7. Levi’s

Wrong pronunciation: Lee-vis / Le-vis
Correct pronunciation: Lee-vice

The red color of the logo of Levi’s, exemplifies passion and excitement while showing the brand’s youthful attributes of power and determination.

8. Nike

mispronounced brands

Wrong pronounciation: Naik
Correct pronunciation: Nai-key

Nike, named after the Greek Goddess of Victory, is a major manufacturer of high-quality sports equipment, footwear, and various other accessories.

9. Xiaomi

Often pronounced as: Zai-o-me / Shai-o-mi /Shi-o-mi
Correct pronunciation: Sh-o-mi or Shya-o-mi

Xiaomi, often referred to as “The Apple of the East”, mainly because of its semblance with the iPhone products has emerged as the third-largest smartphone manufacturer and has even overtaken Samsung in India.

10. Renault


Wrong pronounciation: Ray-nolt
Correct pronunciation: Ray-no

The Renault brand is recognized as one of the most reliable and admired brands of automobiles in the world. The silver color in its diamond-shaped logo associates with creativity and sophistication.

I hope, now you know how to pronounce them correctly!

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