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10 Places In The World With Same Names Of Cities Across India

| Published on November 2, 2019

Are you a true desi who loves Delhi winters? Are you a true Indian who enjoys the food in Indore? Well, I am sure you are but then again, most of us are not aware that the buzz if this craze is reflected in abroad as well.

Yes, many Indian cities like Delhi have their very own counterparts abroad, the same name and the same pronunciation, just a different place.

1) Delhi time

Delhi is the capital city of India where our central government resides. Then, we have Delhi in the USA, a town in New York.

2) Kochi land

Kochi in the magical lands of Kerela in India is a marvellous tourist spot with pretty sights all around. Then, we have Kochi in Japan, another place with a love for seafood and the best feudal castle called Kochi-jo

3) Patna game

Patna is the capital city of Bihar, a place that is used to recognize the state and its people. Then, a village in Scotland was established by the same name, after the founder earlier worked for East India Company, coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

4) Homely Calcutta

The city of joy in India, also called Kolkata inhabits a huge population filled with love. Then, we have Calcutta, a small area in the USA with hardly any population and any love. Still, the name matches!

5) Lucknow royalty

Lucknow and nawabs go hand in hand in India, a place that screams authority and heritage. Then again, the counterpart in the USA is a mountain castle estate over a 5,500-acre area.

6) Baroda Babu

Famous for its Gujju snacks and Navratri festive vibes, it has always been a home for happiness in India. The village in the USA which shares the name was actually called so after a suggestion from C.H Pindar who was born in Baroda, India. So not a coincidence!

7) Indore cleanliness

In the city of Madhya Pradesh, this is where you go when you want some peace, clean energy, and good food. The counterpart, again in the USA is located in West Virginia inspired by the Hebrew word, Endore to mean settlement!

8) Bali Vibes

A small place in the city of Rajasthan is mostly unknown to many in the nation. On the other hand, Bali in Indonesia is a favourite worldwide tourist spot for budget and fun beach vacations!

9) Dhaka memoir

Located in Bihar, it is the name that screams Vidhan Sabha to the nation. On the other hand, the counterpart in Bangladesh always acts as a reminder, sometimes painful to the people about the partition that happened.

10) Thane party

Located in the city of dreams, Mumbai is known for the parties and the beaches around. A happy place for many. Then again, Thane in Australia is a mystery, far away from the main cities and people.

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