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10 Movies Suited For The Entrepreneur In You

| Published on July 29, 2019

Being an entrepreneur is a tough job and one is time and again in need for some hard core inspiration. Well, we’ve got you covered on this one for sure.

Here’s a list of top 10 movies to binge on if you’re an entrepreneur in need for inspiration.

1. Boiler Room 

In the movie Ben Affleck comes across as a shrewd businessman who looks at new hirings beyond their face value and tells the naked truth that hits the newly hired personnel to search deeper.

2. Rocky Balboa

A sort of monologue of Silvestre Stallone is an inspiration at its best. This one has a generic appeal to it but if entrepreneurs are up for taking it on a professional level, it teaches about ‘never giving up’. What Rocky calls ‘life’, listen to it as ‘competitors’ and then you will see how the narrative changes.

3. Jerry McGuire

This is the opening montage from the film where Tom Cruise is writing a mission statement. If you really want to know what it means to be an entrepreneur, watch this film with a vengeance. This is the moment in film, which sets one thing clear – people play a pivotal role to the success of business. For every entrepreneur, people should matter the most. Be it customers, partners, or employees. The dream of building an empire cannot turn true if you do not have the right people.

4. Moneyball

Good things in business take time and at that time you are supposed to do the homework. This scene is a perfect example of how things shape up when the knowledge is put to best use. Numbers, reasons, statistics, all these things speaks in business. It is perhaps the only language that a business understands. Applying your knowledge will always unfold patterns in the business which in turn will open your perspective that helps to take a sound decision.

5. Trading Places

This one’s a short, crisp punch of motivation from Dan Aykroyd to Eddie Murphy who is on the way to his first white-collar job. It is a small moment where Dan pumps up Eddie on how to work inside the World Trade Center. Though a short one, these few lines can work to pump you up for the day and keep you charged as well.

“Think big, think positive, never show any sign of weakness. Always go for the throat. Buy low, sell high. Fear? That’s the other guy’s problem.”

6. Any Given Sunday 

This one is perhaps the best inspiring moment of all time in the history of cinema. Al Pacino delivers a stunning speech to the team. Share this with your startup’s A-team if you haven’t already and this will make them understand how every small detail in the business – matters. It is a highly motivational speech on winning and losing, life and death.

7. Wolf of Wall Street

Leonardo Di Caprio nails this act and makes it one of the most memorable scenes in not only the film but also one act of inspiring cinema from Martin Scorcese. The idea is clear – you are here for money… so make it. The futuristic comparison of the colleagues and the ideal life that they should be choosing is an inspiration not only for the staff but also for the leader who can influence the employees pretty well.

8. Jobs

This scene takes place after his fallout from team LISA. It is the selflessness that matters as an entrepreneur where you will put innovation above you, where you will put an idea above your self-respect, where you have a team that believes in your idea just the same as you. It is the emotion of outperforming oneself and being creatively passionate that runs through this guy. For entrepreneurs, this is infectious.

9. Guru

This one has a powerful performance by Abhishek Bachchan portraying the life of India’s first self-made business tycoon – Dhirubhai Ambani. The climax is inspiring for every entrepreneur around, especially with the sort of zeal and vigour it displays in conducting the business. He is someone who looks only the results, ruthless, crazy, mad, and even insensible – call whatever but he sure knows the way to make a profit. It is a rousing speech that can have a lasting impact on any individual – entrepreneur or not.

10. The pursuit of happiness

It is a small scene but so much significance. You will have to go and grab for what you dream. Entrepreneurs nurture a certain dream and they need to protect it as well. This is one small moment in a film where a child learns an important lesson from his father who tells him not to believe in anyone who says “you can’t do it”.

Binge watch yet?

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