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10 Most Viewed YouTubers Of 2019

| Published on December 10, 2019

We spend a lot of time on Youtube as a source of our entertainment and by time have developed our own favorite Youtubers. These amazing people working day and night to upload fresher and fresher content for their viewers never fail to amaze as make us drool over their performances.

A lot of people have achieved fame and stardom via Youtube. Let’s look at the 10 most viewed and most favorite Youtubers of all time.

10. AzzyLand

Total Subscribers: 10.5 Million
Located In: Canada
Aka: Azzy Bajrami

Azzy began her career on Youtube as a gamer and cosplayer. Now, she also does Vlogs along with making reaction videos to viral ones on youtube. Also, has many compilations.

9. Fischer’s

Total Subscribers: 5.9 Million
Located In: Japan
Aka: 7 friends: Silk, Dama, Zakao, Peketan, Ndaho, Masai, and Motoki

These 7 amigos have been bringing new videos and content to Youtube since the year 2010. They all met in Junior High School. They make vlogs, scripted comedy videos, and skits.

8. LazarBeam

Total Subscribers: 12 Million
Located In: Australia
Aka: Lannan Eacott

This guy not plays ‘Fortnite’ in a traditional manner but creates memes based on it and has acquired a lot of fame.

7. MrBeast

Total Subscribers: 26.6 Million
Located In: The States
Aka: Jimmy Donaldson

He does viral challenges on his Youtube channel along with catchy donation stunts. Not just that, he recently began a campaign of 20 million trees.

6. Dude Perfect

Total Subscribers: 47.4 Million
Located In: The States
Aka: Cory and Coby Cotton, 3 college friends (Tyler Tony, Garrett Hilbert and Cody Jones

These dudes are mostly known for their amazing compilations of trick shots and a lot of athletes are seen in their videos. They have expanded their videos to comedy, now.

5. David Dobrik

Total Subscribers: 14.6 Million
Located In: The States

David began with an app called Vine in the year 2013. He was born in Slovakia. He records and posts Vlogs with his squad who are also popular on Youtube for their content.

4. Jelly

Total Subscribers: 15.1 Million
Located In: The Netherlands
Aka: Jelle Van Vucht

This guy is popular for the ‘Let’s Play Content’ on Youtube. He expanded his audience by beginning to play ‘Grand Theft Auto’ but then shifted to ‘Minecraft’.

3. Pencilmation

Total Subscribers: 13.2 Million
Located In: The States
Aka: Ross Bollinger

It is an animated series which displays the journey of Pencilmiss, Pencilmate and other related cartoon figures.

2. Felipe Neto

Total Subscribers: 35.1 Million
Located In: Brazil

This guy makes Vlog about things happening in his daily life, celebrities, hot and ongoing news. He launched a Netflix Original called ‘My Life Makes No Sense’ in 2017.

1. PewDiePie

Total Subscribers: 102 Million
Located In: United Kingdom
Aka: Felix Kjellberg

PewDiePie has amazing number of subscribers and is popular for commentary on the videos he makes playing games.
So, these were the best and most rated and highly subscribed Youtubers of 2019!

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