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10 Most Lavish Office Spaces In World;Check No.9 For India

| Published on November 26, 2019

A good-looking and lavish office space does not only vibrates good feelings but also proves to motivate the employees to stay a little longer and work a little harder.

Find the most expensive and outstanding office spaces across the world below.

10.Offices In London

The offices in London are extremely expensive. There is no doubt London is one of the most desirable cities across the globe. The average office cost in London is Rs 9553.38 per square feet.

9. Connaught Place

Delhi is one of the biggest cities in India. The place called ‘Connaught Place’ which is also known as ‘CP’ is a place where office rates are extremely high. They cost around Rs. 9841.86 per square feet. But the promised lavishness is always delivered in their workplaces.

8. Offices in Tokyo

Office space in the financial area of Tokyo can be expected to charge Rs. 11472 per square feet.

7. Midtown South-Manhattan

There is no doubt Midtown South-Manhattan is the most desirable office locations in the world. It houses some of the most amazing views in the whole world such as Empire State, Grand Central Terminal, Broadway and HQs of United States Nations. The cost of office space here is Rs 11611.71 per square feet.

6.Beijing Central District

Another name for it is Beijing CBD. It is a central place where the major and prime finance and business services occur in China. The cost of workplaces in CBD is around Rs.12103 per square feet.

5. Beijing Finance Street

Many government agencies and Headquarters of different banks can be found in this area. It is situated in the center of the city and the office here rents around Rs. 12836 per square feet.

4. Midtown Manhattan

The office rents begin from Rs 13459.50 per square feet in this area. This place is the place that is accelerating speedily when it comes to finances.

3. Victoria Harbor

It was a pathway to the British Empire when they ruled HongKong. They used it as a trading center. This place has the most expensive work offices. The rate begins at Rs 14264.79 per square feet.

2. West End

The place on the 2nd number is West End. It is situated in London (Central). It is the chief entertainment and commercial sector of the city where the rent for office places begin from Rs 15223.88 per square feet.

1. Hong Kong Central

On number 1 position in the list of the extremely expensive office spaces in the world is Hong Kong Central. The location of this place is the Central Business District of Hong Kong. In this area, there are many big headquarters as well as multinational financial service operations. The cost of office workplaces begins from Rs 22012.08 per square feet.
Source: MoneyControl

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