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10 Most Iconic Indian Ad Campaigns Celebrating LGBTQ+ Community

| Published on June 9, 2021

With the arrival of June, the world has been celebrating ‘Pride Month‘ dedicated to the LGBTQIA community. Though the celebration should be done all year round, the month gives us a chance to acknowledge the wrong that has been done to the community and come together as humans to love and accept one another.

Discrimination on the basis of anything like race, age, sex, or religion is unacceptable. To educate people on how important and beautiful it is to live in harmony, many brands have been trying to make their contribution.

Here are some of the most iconic Indian ad campaigns that have celebrated the LGBTQIA community and did their bit in shattering the age-old thought process of society.

Fastrack – The Closet

Launched in 2013 by Fastrack, one of the most trend Indian fashion accessories brands, the video campaign shows two young women coming out of a closet. The message is plain & simple ‘Come out of the closet & move On’.

Myntra’s Valentine Day celebration with real-life Couples

Making the talk normal, Myntra launched Valentine’s ad campaign in 2017, featuring various couples talking about their journey with each other and talking about their fashion choices. Unlike other brands, Myntra chose to introduce the same-sex partners casually along with others showing how ‘regular’ these real-life couples are.

Vicks – Generations of Care #TouchOfCare

Based on a touching true story, the ad campaign by Vicks is surely to make you cry. The love and care that a transgender person has given to her adopted daughter and the struggles she went through to ensure the best upbringing for her child is a message to everyone else.

Urban Company | My First Women’s Day

This beautiful ad campaign by the Urban Company shows the love and acceptance Vaishali receives when she comes out as her true self in front of her family & friends.

#LoveAtFirstPride | OkCupid

Celebrating pride month back in 2019, OkCupid came up with the most amazing ad campaign. The campaign was launched soon after article 377 went out and it was a shout out to all those people who finally found the courage to come out with pride.

Ralco Tyres | Independence Day – #FreeTheRoads

#FreeTheRoads from discrimination against the transgender community was the Independence Day campaign launched by Ralco Tyres in 2019. The ad campaign talks about the unjust attitude people have towards the transgender community and how it needs to be changed.

Closeup #FreeToLove | 3 Journeys of Love

The beautiful journey of 3 couples, who are fighting the social barriers of age, sex, caste, and religion to ensure their love conquers all, Closeup had launched this ad campaign enlightening us with the true meaning of love.

Brooke Bond Red Label tea turns prejudice into acceptance #swadapnepanka

How beautiful our society will become if we all just stop the unjust discrimination towards one another is exactly what Brookebond‘s ad campaign is all about.

Bhima Jewellery. Pure as love.

Bhima Jewellery‘s ad campaign shows the beautiful journey of a transgender person and the unconditional love and support she received from her family.

Ariel #MakeItPossible | Dr VS Priya – Kerela’s 1st Transgender Doctor

Breaking the stereotypes about the transgender community, Ariel proudly introduces Dr VS Priya, Kerala’s first transgender doctor with this ad campaign.

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