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10 Most Expensive Commercials Ever Made

| Published on December 8, 2019

Have you ever wondered about the amount of money which is spent every year on commercials?

Every year big corporate companies spend millions on advertisement so that their product or service become the most discussed topic in the market. However, sometimes we don’t like these advertisements, we still cannot ignore the millions of dollars that are being spent in curating these advertisements.

Let me stroll you through the top 10 most expensive commercials ever made:

1. Microsoft – “EMPOWERING”

A total of $8 Million was spent on this commercial that was aired in 2014 during the Super Bowl. This commercial highlighted the innovation taken up by Microsoft technology and also gave importance to prosthetic limbs and hearing aids which improved the quality of life of people.

2. Kia – “THE TRUTH”

This was another commercial that was aired during the Super Bowl with a budget of $8 Million starring actor Laurence Fishburne. His role was very intimidating where he challenged the held notions of vehicle luxury.


A 60-second commercial starring Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong, and Sir Ben Kingsley had a budget of $8 Million. This commercial was a creative approach to position Jaguar as the elegant Brit that will disrupt the luxury sports car market which was dominated by other companies.

4. Pepsi – “JOY OF PEPSI”

This commercial had the largest cultural impact with a budget of $8.1 million. It was aired in the year 2001 starring Britney Spears and Senator Bob Dole. It advertised the beverage and also made Britney Spears very popular.

5. Carlton Draught- “SKYTROOP SHOW”

Carlton Draught an Australian beer company aired a commercial in 2008 with a budget of $9 million. It stars a fleet of skydivers performing stadium stunts. But unfortunately, a mishap takes place causing great destruction.

6. Bud Light – “UP FOR WHATEVER”

Launched in 2014 with a budget of $12 million this commercial was quite charming and amiable initially depicting an insane night spent by a guy. Gradually this advertisement was severely criticized on social media and the company had to apologize to the message given by it.


This commercial was pretty perfect as it starred Eminem with a budget of $12 million. He might sound an odd choice but his presence actually boosted the commercial. The luxury Chrysler 200 was introduced in this commercial meditating the stony history of Detroit.

8. Aviva – “NAME”

Aviva, a British insurance brand previously known as Norwich Union, launched a commercial in the year 2008 with a budget of $13.4 million starring Bruce Willis, Ringo Starr, Elle McPherson, and Alice Cooper. Like the company these celebrities also changed their names in the course of careers.

9. Guinness – “TIPPING POINT”

Launched in the year 2006 with a budget of $16 million depicts a small Argentinian town collaborating to assemble 6000 dominoes which knockdown books, paint cans, fridges, and cars through the streets. It was a witty delight in the eyes of the public.

10. Chanel – “THE FILM”

A commercial with a budget twice as much money as the next most expensive commercial of $33 million, was directed by Bas Luhrmann starring Nicole Kidman depicts a love story where she hires a taxi and falls in love with a writer.

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