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10 Most Creative Visiting Cards That Will Leave You Amazed

| Published on September 29, 2021

Having a business being in a professional line requires one to have as many contacts and connections as possible. Despite the presence of social media platforms, having a business card gives a personal touch while trying to expand.

People put in a lot of thought and effort to have the best and the most creative visiting card. Since it gives out the first impression about the company, it becomes crucial to have the most professional-looking card handy at all times.

However, some people give their best while designing it. Here are some of the visiting cards that have left everyone amazed with the level of creativity and uniqueness they have.

Software Engineer

Don Ho, a software engineer, shared a very interesting visiting card many years ago. The card is still one of the most genius cards seen to date.

Tam Cargo

Created by Y&R, Brazil for TAM Airlines for its cargo business, the card transforms a traditional ‘Business Card’ into an unusual object, a little box used in transporting the cargo.

Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant, a shop for fine cheese in Paraná, Brazil, engaged Brazilian ad agency, JWT to create an innovative business card.

James AW Mahon

A divorce lawyer James AW Mahon has the most creative and apt visiting card considering his line of work.

Norris Mantooth

An event photographer Norris Mantooth has a very interesting take on visiting cards with this quirky card design.

Vasudha Munjal

Minimizing waster can be tough but Vasudha Munjal has found a creative way for its client to keep the wrapper of her candies safe by converting it into her visiting card.

Latona Marketing

Latona Marketing has given their business cards a very unexpected twist as they convert into a beautiful flower bouquet.

Broke Bike Alley

A card that can be used as a handy tool is probably the best way to attract more customers. Broke Bike Alley has a very creative business card that can actually be used to make minor adjustments to your bike.

Flow Yoga

A yoga center has a visiting card that not only looks like a yoga mat but also rolls into one.

Alejandro Lemus – Tattoo Shop

A Tatto artist, Alejandro Lemus, has a visiting card that does more than just tell the address of his place of business. The card comes with a temporary tattoo imprint.

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