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10 Major Changes & New Features Introduced By WhatsApp In 2022

| Published on January 2, 2023

The year 2022 has come to an end and what a rollercoaster ride it was. While there was a lot that happened all over the world, tech giants made huge changes in user experience.

WhatsApp for one was one of the leading tech companies that made it easier for users to communicate. It introduced many new features that were all the buzz this year.

Here are some of the major changes and new features introduced by WhatsApp in 2022.

1. Multiple Groups: Communities

Whatsapp launched a new feature in 2022, Communities, allowing users to club multiple groups together. This helped organizations and businesses to manage their official conversations by bringing various groups under one community.

2. Undo Deleted Messages

For those who found it difficult to retrieve their deleted msgs, Whatsapp introduced the ‘undo’ feature for accidentally deleted messages. The feature also came in handy for the times we clicked on ‘Delete for me’ instead of ‘Delete for everyone’.

3. Group Calls

Earlier only 8 people could join a group call. In 2022, WhatsApp expanded the group call limit to 32 people making it easier for more people to join in on the conversation.

4. Group Exits

Earlier, if you exited a group, it showed to everyone else. But in 2022, Whatsapp allowed people to exit the group silently without notifying anyone else.

5. Hide Online Status

Whatsapp had made it easy for people to hide their last seen status. But in 2022, Whatsapp allowed people to hide their online status. Though you could not see others’ online statuses as well.

6. Hide Profile Picture

With this new feature, people could hide their profile picture from specific people in their contact list.

7. React With Emoji

In 2022, Whatsapp introduced the ‘react with emoji’ feature allowing people to react on individual msgs with emoticons.

8. Avatar

In 2022, Whatsapp also introduced the Avatar feature allowing users to create their own avatars and use them in chats.

9. In Chat Polls

Whatsapp’s latest introduction was the In-Chat-Polls, letting people put up personalized polls for specific chats.

10. File Sharing

Earlier you could share a file of the size of 100 MB only. In 2022, WhatsApp increased the file-sharing size limit to 2 GB.

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