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10 International Brands That We’ve Always Mistaken To Be Indian

| Published on December 21, 2020

A number of brands have become a significant part of our lives growing up. They have been used and heard by us so many times that we have successfully blurred the line between them being Indian or international brands. How many of these brands did you think were Indian?

Hindustan Unilever

This company manufactures all household products including ice creams like the Kwality Wall’s Magnum, and our bathing soaps as well! Don’t get fooled by the ‘Hindustan’ in its name. This is an international brand.


Even though Bata started its first establishment in Calcutta, it is a company based out of Switzerland, founded by Tomas Bata in 1894.


Founded by William Colgate and named after him, this company has its headquarters in New York. It is one of the leading toothpaste brands in India.


Manufactured by Piaggio in Italy in 1946, Vespas were sold in India through a deal with Bajaj Auto.


Remember the affordable Reynolds blue ball pen? It was made by Milton Reynolds in 1945. Ever since it came to India, it has been adopted as a household brand.


Bose speakers have garnered immense popularity due to their high quality and bass. It was founded by Indian American entrepreneur, Amar Bose in 1964. It was established in Massachusetts in the US.


One of the oldest soaps used by all Indians, Lifebuoy is not an Indian brand. It has been invented by Procter & Gamble.


Boost milk powder was known for its fine taste and nutritional properties. With Sachin Tendulkar as its brand ambassador a decade back, Boost is actually owned by Hindustan Unilever which is an international brand.


Maggi resonates with all of us Indians. However, it is owned by Nestle which is based in Switzerland.


Nestle has given us different types of food items. From chocolates to snacks. However, the company has its headquarters in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland.

Did you get any correct guesses?

Source: India Times

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