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These Indian YouTube Tech Channels You Got To Follow If You Are Not!

| Published on July 16, 2017

Are you a tech-geek? You love to know more about gadgets and technologies? New developments in the world of computing and codes?

Then you must follow all these amazing people in You Tube who made it huge for them by being one of the most successful tech channel founders in India. They have millions of followers and subscribers and are also quiet popular worldwide. Let’s have a look!

1. Technical Guruji

It’s hosted by Gaurav Chaudhary. It’s conducted in Hindi. The Dubai based creator said that the main aim for creating this channel was to create videos in vernacular language for masses in India. The videos deal with gadget reviews, technology news, tips and tutorials about devices and covers a wide rage of gadgets starting from mobile phones, to smart watches, to televisions, ISPs and even crypto currencies. He is popular mostly because of his way of explanations that masses can relate too and he also give instances from real life. He is quick and to the point!

2. Geekyranjit

It is hosted by Ranjit Kumar. He has been an It consultant and also worked with computers for over 25 years! Though the channel is in English but he also has a page where videos are in Hindi. The video features gadget reviews and opinion on tech spanning to tips and tutorials about mobile phones, WiFi routers, chipsets, cameras etc. Though he started off in 2011 much before Technical Guruji, still lags behind a bit in number of subscribers but is sure to get better in future!

3. C4ETech

It is hosted by Ashish or popularly known as ash! His inspiration was when he was working in a BPO and bought a Samsung smartphone and while explaining its features to his colleagues they asked him whether they could play games on it. Bang and he decided to open a You Tube channel to explain stuffs. The videos are only mobile centric, smartphones and Android only. Videos are reviews, comparisons and gadget tests to applications and game recommendations to mods, tutorials and Giveaways only.

4. iGyaan

This is hosted by Bharat Nagpal. He was actually a disc jockey. His videos offers reviews on cameras, mobile phones, Tablets, Headphones, games as well as tech-happenings in India. He is also known to invest in a lot of technical companies for making new innovations!

5. Gadgets to Use

This is hosted by Abhishek Bhatnagar. He is a Professional blogger and also Web Consultant. He also has a technology media production named Technixmedia which has several blogs and media. The videos deal with previews about newes technologies in Indian market and also gadgets go under some test to pass! Ohh! Tough!

6. Sharmaji Technical

The videos are hosted by Praval Sharma. He is an engineer and spent long years serving the IT sector. He reviews technologies in his video in Hindi. Apart from technical Guruji, only Sharmaji Technical has an Android app that features written as well as video reviews of different gadgets.

7. Intellect Digest

It is hosted by Rohit Khurana. He is also the editor for its online textual counterpart apart from You Tube Channel. The videos provide updates on technology, gadgets, smart phones, tablets, computing, mobile computing and communication devices as well as the latest happenings and launches in India. They also have special video features on weekends!

8. Beebom

The videos are hosted by Devinder Maheshwari, Kapil Jindal, Rupesh Sinha, Akshay Gangwar and Pratik Tyagi. It was first conceptualized by Kapil Jindal and Devinder Maheshwari but due to alow patch in business with only content writing site they hired more techies to start a channel. Videos deal with tech and gadget reviews, DIY tricks and tips as well as technology resources. The unique thing is that they don’t have a single host every time!

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