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These 10 Indian Candy Brands You Wish Could Comeback At Any Cost

| Published on July 13, 2017

Who doesn’t want a comeback? Specially when it’s your favourite candy! How about a Big Babool or a Nutties again?
Did I take you long back down the memory lane? I know you are already missing some of the amazing candies that once you loved buying but they are no more out their in market.

So here to remove your cravings and make you fall in love again with your childhood memories we list here some of the Candy Brands that we all wished should comeback once.

Are you ready for the lip-smacking journey? Let’s begin..ummm..candy-lacious!

1. Pan Pasand

You remember coming back from school munching on of the Ravalgaon Pan Pasand Candy? Remember how it turned our tongue red? Iconic! It was a huge hit in the market in late 90s and we surely miss them now. Remember this funny ad “Shaadi aur tumse? Kabhi nhi!”

2. Phantom Cigarette

These peppermint flavoured candy sticks were cool long back. They resembled the true cigar sticks but they definitely were too sweet to kill!


3. Mango Mood

Everything about this candy was great. Starting from the taste to the flavours to the ads! Even now when you snack on mango, you die to have those artificial mangoes atleast once again in you life.

These ads were creepy when we were kids!

4. Rola Cola

I bet they still haunt you! Otherwise you must be an alien! How can you forget those coin-sized cola candies that tasted like you are actually sipping in a bottle of Coca Cola? Please bring this original cola flavour candies back!


5. Ring Pop Lollypop

Oh! I could trade anything for getting them back! You got a ring-pop pretending you were engaged and ended up getting sticky hands for all the jellies and different flavours. We all had one flavour in our life atleast and it’s too difficult for the brains to forget!


6. Kismi Bar

Remember that cute teddy? These bar shaped elaichi flavoured candies were our favourite possessions long back in nineties. How we wish those 2 rupee candies were back! It would be perfect for our pocket money too!


7. Big Babool

No introduction needed! Our first choice of chewing gums were these! Big Babool’s tag line “Bade Kaam ki Cheez” came up with an ad that was best. Many gums are presently on market but no one can match that tutti-fruity flavour!

8. Hi Toffee

These Chewy ones always got stuck on your teeth and making the flavour stay longer in your mouth. But it’s ad added more value to this toffee.

9. Swad

Well, a digestive toffee, something like Fatafat remember? We loved these tamarind flavoured ones and used to have pocket full of these which we enjoyed chewing on after a meal. They sweet and tangy and responsible for us getting scolded by our parents a lot!

10. Coffee Bite

Look who arrives at last! Coffee ya Toffee as went the tagline but who cared once we garbed one and put it inside our mouth. The flavour is unforgettable.

Have ever wondered where all these went?

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