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10 Iconic Indian Candies That’ll Make You Feel Nostalgic

| Published on June 19, 2020

Everyone loves candies. There are so many candies in the market but some of them are not simply products, they are a part of our life and we remember some of our best times whenever we eat them or look at them in a store.

Let’s see the top 10!

1. Pan Pasand


It Ravalgaon’s most popular product!

Pan Pasand was a hit amongst the people because of its brilliant combination of sweetness and the flavours of paan. Its catchy ad campaigns several decades back made it a household name.

2. Kismi

Kismi candy

Kismi iconic red and white wrapper. 

This iconic elaichi and caramel flavoured candy started way back in the 1960s but are still as popular as it was back then. Its shiny red and white wrapper is a pleasing sight to the eyes of people of all ages even today. At present, Kismi is available in a variety of different flavours like Rosemilk and Rajbhog.

3. Poppins

The rainbow coloured candies that got us drooling!

There’s not a single child who did not love unwrapping a roll of Poppins and watching with wonder-filled eyes as the rainbow coloured spirals came into view? Poppins became popular in around 1960 when they used the popular Tinkle comics characters, Ram and Shyam as their mascots.

4. Mango Bite

The perfect mango flavoured candy. 

Just the name of this candy brings back the sweet memories of the summer months from our childhood. It comes in the shape of a ripe mango and is just as sweet. The iconic packaging of Mango Bite still remains close to all our hearts.

5. Melody

Melody toffee

Its iconic tagline has been etched in our brains. 

Ever since the 1980s, our country has been asking “Ye Melody Itni Chocolaty Kyun Hai?” The clever ad campaign has made the melody’s tagline a part of our pop culture and has resulted in the huge success of this candy. It was just the right amount of chewy and used to stick to your teeth every time.

6. Rol-a-Cola

Rol-a-cola candies
Rol-a-Cola is back, thanks to the internet!

The return of Rol-a-Cola in 2019 showed the power of nostalgia. A strong internet campaign ‘#BringRolaColaBack’ resulted in the cola-flavored candy being launched once again, as delicious and loved as it was before.

7. Swad

The famous digestive pill.

Swad was popular with both children and adults as its salty and savoury flavour along with a bit of jeera made it a perfect candy and also acted as an after-meal digestive pill.

8. Fatafat

Fatafat’s unique packaging will be forever in our hearts. 

The iconic black polka-dotted packaging of Fatafat gave it a unique appearance. The tiny black globules claimed to cure digestive problems and thus, were loved as a candy and a churan. Its sweet, salty, and spicy taste ensures that you get hooked on them the moment you open the package.

9. Phantom Sweet Cigarettes

Revisiting the nineties with these cigarette-shaped candies.

While the taste was minty and a hint of glucose, Phantom Sweet Cigarettes were still so loved because of their unique design resembling a cigarette. Even the package resembles a cigarette pack. Every child used to pretend to smoke by keeping the red-tipped sticks in their mouth.

10. Pulse

Pran jaaye par Pulse na jaaye

Pulse is fairly new when compared to other candies on this list. But it’s a delicious combination of chili, sugar and raw mango ensured that everyone loved it. For some reason, hoarding Pulse candies based on rumors of its shortage became a thing and everyone succumbed to it ultimately buying boxes full of Pulse.

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All of these candies have managed to retain their popularity despite several new candies coming into the market.

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