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10 Features You Don’t Need In Your Car

| Published on May 24, 2019

Time and technology never remain constant. With changing times changes the technology.

Automobile technology has made impressive progress and improved over the years giving us the luxury of easy and hassle-free driving experience.

While some of these invented features have turned out to be a blessing for us there are a few that do not do justice to being a part of safe and happy driving experience.

1. Rear Seat Entertainment Systems

Who needs a 90s rear seat entertainment system when you can carry your entertainment in your pocket because let’s not forget it’s a new era, an era of smartphones, tablets, iPads, and Wifi.

2. Paddle Shifters

Paddle shifters are great on a performance machine as they allow the driver to make quick gear shifts without taking their hands off the steering but are not useful in the family sedans or the SUV’s.

3. Third Row Seat In Compact Crossover SUVs

The market for compact crossover SUVs is booming. The segment now accounts for roughly one out of every five vehicles sold in the US. As a result, a few brands have added a third row to differentiate themselves from the competition.

However, these third ow seats, like the ones found on the second generation Volkswagen Tiguan, are pretty much useless. They tend to be so cramped that only small children can fit. Even then, it may require you to shift the second row forward, thereby compromising the comfort of those passengers as well.

4. Social Media Integration

Social media Integration is surely a hit with people going all out with social media but keeping security and senses alive the system is surely not needed.

5. Voice Control

Like Siri wasn’t enough! Voice Control in automobiles is useless as the system fails to understand what one is saying.

6. Head-Up display

Considering how clear modern digital gauge clusters have become Head-up displays are not found to be in use but only for the look.

7. Digital shifter

Automakers across the board have begun to adopt new electronic gearshifts instead of the traditional PRND tree design. Unfortunately, many of these shifters are finicky and imprecise to use.

8. Touchpad Controllers

Touchpad Controllers may seem all cool but using it may turn out to be risky deed while driving.

9. Touchscreen air vent controls

The car of the year 2017 Porsche Panamera has an electronic air vent control which is indeed an interesting concept but an annoyance in the day-to-day operations. Having to into a submenu in the infotainment system to adjust the vents adds an unnecessary step in what is traditionally a simple task.

10.Gesture control

The idea of gesture control is pretty cool but not particularly useful in practice. All of the functions controlled by gesture control are available at the press of a button on the steering wheel or the dash. Both options are demonstrably easier to use and won’t have you gesticulating wildly in your car as you drive along.


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