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10 Fake Holidays Invented By Brands To Increase Sales

| Published on October 29, 2018

Among all the National and International holidays being observed by people of different nations, there are different Fake holidays existing that are not introduced by the government but have been the brainchild of business innovators who realized the need of building of such holidays that will promote their brand and bring them more goodwill.

The following list of fake holidays will explain everything about their origin and customs:

1. Rotisserie Chicken Day: Boston Market


June 2 is celebrated as the National Rotisserie Chicken Day. This day was invented by the brand in 2015 when this chicken chain proposed to add it to the National Day Calendar in April 2015 and got approval in May in the same year.

2. 7-Eleven Day: 7-Eleven

Every year July 11 is celebrated as National 7-Eleven Day by 7-eleven that was originally named Tote’m Stores earlier. This day is an excellent time for getting a Slurpee from all of the participating stores which has a total sale of 9 million in a year.

3. Underwear Day: Freshpair


On August 5 each year is celebrated as National Underwear Day by Freshpair, a popular online underwear retailer. The company honors this holiday with encouraging advice on social media saying,

Embrace your body image. Use #NationalUnderwearDay to post on social media and encourage others to join in.

4. Pancake Day: International House of Pancakes (IHOP)


Every year people celebrate Fat Tuesday which comes one day before the Lenten season begins. As part of boosting their branding, they started celebrating Pancake day since 2006 when they gave away free short stacks of pancakes to raise money for charity in this process.

5. Drive Thru Day: Jack-in-the-Box

On July 24 every year, people of America enjoy a holiday and consumed more fast food on a given day. This day is celebrated with full pomp and show and people love to visit their favorite fast food restaurant to relish it.

6. Record Store Day: Vinyl

Vinyl Store Day was introduced by a bunch of Record Store owners to pitch more sales and now every year on one Saturday in April. This really lead to a push in sales year after year after it came into existence in 2007. Last year, this day experience the sale of Rs. 14 million.

7. Cyber Monday: National Retail Federation

While this holiday is celebrated on the first Monday after celebrating Thanksgiving. National Retail Federation invented this fake holiday however, people still love to have serious online discounts and promotions which paves the way to higher sales to the retail owners.

8. Small Business Saturday: American Express

Every year first Saturday after Turkey Day is celebrated as Small Business Saturday in which holiday shoppers patronize brick and mortar businesses which are small and local. Moreover, Small Business Saturday is a registered trademark of American Express.

9. Coffee Day: All Japan Coffee Association

This holiday is observed on 1st October every day as the International Coffe Day is celebrated among people of 35 different countries. However, for the U.S., this day is held on September 29 when Americans become a part of this holiday.

10. Hashtag Holidays: Social Media

Social media is powerful enough to bring any hashtag into a fake holiday without any prior knowledge. The hashtag is a useful feature in the marketing of the different products if you have a plethora of connections. Also, this is helpful in making any business a huge success in a short span of time.

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