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10 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World: October 2018 Updated

| Published on October 21, 2018

Smartphones are no longer just a necessity, they are becoming a way to show luxury too. Gone are the days when smartphones above Rs 1 lakh surprised people. While most people still spend that much on a phone, companies are launching premium variants of their phones fastly than ever. Here is the latest list of most expensive phones in the world right now:

10. Apple iPhone XS (Rs 1. 34 lakh)


The smaller iPhone XS 512GB storage variant is priced at Rs 1.35 lakh in India.

9. Apple iPhone XS Max (Rs 1.44 lakh)

The Apple iPhone XS Max 512GB storage variant is the most expensive iPhone to be launched in India at a price of Rs 1,44,900.

8. Huawei Mate 20 RS Porsche Design (Rs 1.77 lakh)

Huawei launched the Mate 20 series and the Porsche Design Mate 20 RS is by and large the Mate 20 Pro. It is priced at 2095 Euros which is equal to Rs 1.77 lakh.

7. Caviar iPhone XS (Rs 5.40 lakh)

The new Caviar iPhone XS has iPhone on one side and a mechanical watch on the other. It is engraved with graphics and illustrations of polished titanium or gold. The Titanium, and the Gold and Black version costs Rs 4.6 lakh and Rs 5.26 lakh respectively. iPhone XS Max will cost you an additional Rs 16,600 for the respective design.

6. Goldvish Eclipse (Rs 5.5 lakh)

The Goldvish Eclipse – Magic Onyx Alligator costs Rs 5.5 lakh. It offers Android and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It is expensive because of the black alligator leather on the phone.

5. Sirin Solarin (Rs 9 lakh)

This phone claims to offer utmost privacy to customers at a price of around Rs 9 lakh. The most disappointing thing about this phone is it still runs older Android Lollipop OS.

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4. Vertu Aster P Gold (Rs 10.4 lakh)

Vertu is back in the game with the Aster P Gold. Its starting price is $5,000 (approx. Rs 3.79 lakh) and a gold-plated model is available at $14,146 ( Rs 10.4 lakh).

3. Savelli Champagne Diamond (Rs 39.36 lakh)

At a price of approximately Rs 39,36,038, it offers an 18 carat rose gold shell with 395 white and cognac diamonds. It offers Android with customised services.

2. VIPN Black Diamond (Rs 2.07 crore)

The USP of this phone is only 5 such units were made and no one knows who actually owns them. The price is mainly because of the design and of course, the diamonds. It costs $300,000 which roughly is equal to Rs 2.07 crore.

1. The Diamond Crypto (Rs 8.97 crore)

This phone is for those who take security too seriously. It is now outdated and is for someone rich who wants to stay disconnected securely. It has Windows CE operating system and Motorola MX21 processor.

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