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10 Craziest Knockoff Fast-Food Restaurants Around The World

| Published on April 22, 2018

Fast-food chain restaurants are loved by snacks loving people all around the world and as it happens to every successful business, copycats try to take the benefit of their name by selling products using similar names and most of them even make similar logos to fool customers. Such shops are most common in China and fast food is certainly no exception. McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King are most copied fast-food chains in the world and we have 10 of the craziest knockoff restaurants.

1. Bucksstar Coffee


The Starbucks logo has been amazingly copied to give the illustration of similar quality.

2. Pizza Hat


Love eating pizzas? There are lot of new brands to check out.

3. MFC


The delicious KFC style has been perfectly copied by this MFC restaurant and this may have fooled a lot of customers at least for once.

4. Mc Kebab


This restaurant provides you similar products and a very known logo design to attract audience with a fake name. Just look at the creativity in smiley face.

5. Stars & Bucks


Another Starbucks knock-off that is popular for confusing coffee lovers with a very similar looking restaurant design.

6. Donkey Donuts


The American doughnut company and coffeehouse has been copied and is it only for the donkeys? well, we don’t think that.

7. Burger Friends


This restaurant opened in 2012 when an Iraqi government employee came up with the plan of mixing their traditional cuisine with American food.

8. Sunny Day

How did I miss the opening of Sanaa's new subway knockoff?

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You think Subway can’t be copied? this restaurant has done it and attracts customers by making them feel every day is a sunny day.

9. 7 Twelve


There are number of 7 Eleven knock-offs in China with names such as 7 Mercy, 7 Seven and this one is very identical to the original one.

10. Dominics


Pizza, Kebab, Burger and many more eatables available at this place.

We don’t promote such marketing methods and we have shared these examples just for the fun. Do remember being original is the best thing one can do while making a marketing strategy as it pays well in long run.

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