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10 Companies With Most Interesting Pitch Decks

| Published on September 30, 2021

An articulate and interesting pitch deck makes it easier for acquiring funding from investors. However, preparing one, takes a lot of effort and has to include answers to a million questions. It has to catch the attention of investors, right from the beginning and should look splendid. While investing, the skills, teams and competencies don’t matter as much as how the idea would fare and this can be conveyed only through a compelling pitch deck.

A pitch deck more or less consists of similar components- problem, solution, business model, milestones, fundraising information to name a few. However, some companies’ pitch decks have managed to create magic. Here are some of them



Founded in 2002, LinkedIn has become the number one platform for recruiters and job seekers alike to establish connections. What made the pitch deck of LinkedIn standout, is detailed answers to expected questions.


Needing no introduction now, YouTube’s pitch deck was all about exhibiting its potential. If a company knows the potential of its product, idea or service, the pitch is bound to be successful.


An American financial and merchant services aggregator and mobile payment company, Square’s pitch deck had detailed team information as their team members were renowned for working with different companies. Their experience paved the way for gaining investors’ trust and this was weaved into their pitch very well.


Digital platform BuzzFeed’s pitch deck managed to raise 240 million dollars. Their pitch deck had its revenue model shown clearly and answered questions in detail satisfactorily.


A business solution provider that helps reducing paperwork, Canvas’s pitch deck managed to raise $9 million. The pitch decks’ simplicity in expressing a better solution made their pitch deck a standout. Their focus was on how their idea will help businesses rather than who they are.


A real estate solutions provider for rental property owners, Castle’s pitch deck had some fantastic visuals. They were extremely easy to understand and made the pitch interesting. Their growth plan gave an insight about the history as well as the future in terms of the property’s growth.

7. Adpushup

Adpushup provides information about different advertisements to web publishers. The most distinctive feature was their case study. They showed milestones in their journey, thus exhibiting their growth graph.


Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency transaction platforms has earned billions of dollars in revenue since inception. However, its pitch deck was done at a time when investors did not know about cryptocurrency. The pitch deck presented this as a great alternative currency mode thereby attracting investment and trust.


The world’s basket for delectable and exclusive teas, TeaLet, is an online platform that helps in connecting farmers to buyers. Their pitch deck concentrated on their ‘WHY’ and not just the what and how of the product. It had some powerful statements like- We have sold 1000000 cups of tea in over 20 countries. These features made their pitch substantial


A financial service tool to track your savings and keep a hold on expenditure, Mint gives its user some great insights into their financial position. Their pitch’s spotlight was their exit mechanism that provided a clear insight to its investors.

From all of these examples, one thing is clear. The stronger the pitch, the better is investor interest.

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