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10 Companies That Went Extra Mile In Customer Service

| Published on August 12, 2020

Don’t you just love it when a brand or service provides you that ‘extra’ something to make your day? It can be a free product or a discount coupon, but it makes us happy because they gave it some more thought than usual. Customer service is very important in running a business. Thankfully, these 10 companies have gone that extra mile to show the same to their audience,

Zappos Adaptive

If you don’t need two shoes, you can have just one part of it at Zappos Adaptive! By creating adaptive footwear for people with disabilities, it has made buying affordable and stylish.


FFORA’s entire line is dedicated to providing accessories for its customers in a wheelchair. Why not make it fun?


Elba is a London based brand (reciprocated for the word ‘able’), creates self-fastening bras to help individuals with motor abilities to wear it comfortably.

Billie Footwear

This brand is a blessing for kids to use zippers for shoes to help them put their leg in easily.


Tommy Hilfiger

This reputed brand focuses on making helms and supporters convenient to use for its customers by creating adaptive western wear.


Kids with all kinds of special disabilities can have a great time at Target’s special clothing line that creates adaptive wear for all the children out there!

Ez Sox

This brand has created socks with helms for kids with mobility issues to wear their socks every day with no hassles!


15 Companies That Are Going the Extra Mile for Their Special Customers

Victory creates adaptive swimwear for kids, and adults.

Guide Beauty

15 Companies That Are Going the Extra Mile for Their Special Customers

This beauty brand has come out with something manageable for its customers with Parkinson disease. They have created a bottle and gliders for eyeliners which people with this condition can use for convenience.

Rebirth Garments

You can take off your clothes with easy by choosing a shirt from Rebirth Garments. You can have your clothing hooked to a line while you take off and put a shirt on with the extra buttons located on either side of the garments.

Source: Bright Side

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