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10 Companies That Are Trying To Improve Work Culture In India

| Published on September 19, 2018

Work culture varies from country to country but there is a significant difference in the way companies in India operate. Everyone knows that western countries offer some amazing benefits to their employees and there are some names who are trying their best to improve the work culture in India too. Let’s have a look 10 of the best ones:

1. Amazon India

Work Culture

Amit Agarwal, Amazon India representative has asked his employees to stop responding to emails and work calls between after their duty time to promote a balanced work-life situation for the Amazon employees in India.


RMSI promotes a healthy lifestyle by regularly providing dental/medical/eye check-ups, life-skill workshops, yoga, meditation, pranic healing, physiotherapy to the employees. Women have the option to extended maternity leave, part-time/flexible working hours, work from home to take a short-term break in careers. To develop an overall personality, activities such as painting, acting, movie making, guitar classes, zumba lessons, sports tournaments are promoted in office campus.

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3. Google India


Google has redefined the meaning of corporate culture in India. Employees get to use Google’s products to get work done, and beta-test products that haven’t been released to the public yet. Equipped gyms with trainers and customized health programs are available. Every Friday, Google hosts TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) which gives a platform to employees to collaborate more. Google India encourages its employees to participate in some form of art such as music or drama.

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4. American Express India

The ‘People Leader Learning Path’ program provides a prescriptive approach to development as per their career stage. American Express also has a ‘Smart Savings’ program that enhances the overall financial wellness of employees. Workers are said to use public transportation and contribute to reducing the pollution as well.

5. Marriot Hotels India

Marriot calls its employees ‘Associates’. With benefits like staff discounts and health facilities, Along with the customers, Marriot Hotels is surely trying to take the best care of their employees. Access to a gym, discount on food and beverages, room stay, international placements and insurance are some other benefits.

6. SAP Labs India

SAP has 22 interest groups in the company, helping employees to pursue their interest in areas like drama, dance, music, and art. The company even allows its employees to do part-time work from home for earning some extra income.

7. Godrej Consumer Products

Flexible work options and encouraging more women to join the workforce are some positives of Godrej Consumer Products. Godrej conducts workshops and training on professional development. The company has a 100 Leaders Programme to ensure building leadership & functional capabilities and develop leaders with global skills and mindsets.

8. Intuit Technology Services

Intuit has a highly diverse workplace environment that values the gender differences. Intuit was one of the first companies in India to discuss on the LGBT issues. Employees are encouraged to spend 10 percent of their time called unstructured time to chase dreams.

9. Lifestyle

Lifestyle offers an effective reward and recognition program to encourage top performers. With a Flexible working hours option, the company has a whistleblower policy to encourage transparency. Employees are given options to diversify their careers within the Landmark Group, not just in India, but also in the Middle East.

10. Adobe India


Adobe believes in making the office a fun place to work. It has a gym, cricket pitch, half basketball court, table tennis tables, and of course a pool table. Adobe employees can purchase the company’s shares at 15% percent discount with a lock-in period of 2 years.

If given a chance, which one will you opt for and why? Do let us know in the comments section.

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