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10 Companies That Allow Flexible Work Hours For Employee Convenience

| Published on October 26, 2019

Every company in the world is unique, in one way or the other. They might be selling the same product, earning similar revenues or lying in the same position, but it is their values, policies, and goals that set them apart. A company differs in the way it looks at its employees, treats them and follows its human resource policy. Some treat them as revenue-generating machines, while the others consider them as the most valuable asset of the company

So, here is a list of 10 companies that allows flexible employee work hours facilitating high employee productivity:

1) Phillips

The famous electronics brand works to ensure employees don’t waste time. They can come to work at anytime between 8 am-1 pm and if they do not find any parking, they can drive back home and take a work from home day immediately instead of wasting time in finding a parking space. The company is nice enough to consider traffic, roadblocks, and repair work issues that lead to time wastage of any employee.

2) Future Group

Another company that considers traffic and ensures employee support, it allows employees to come to work between 8.30 am-10.30 am, leaving enough latitude for flexibility. The sole rule? 8 working hours after reaching work. This keeps things simple and crystal clear.

3) SAP Labs

Based in Bangalore, the company follows one rule that is: take one day a week off to spend some time from home. So, an employee is allowed to take a single work from home day a week which again is flexible depending on the manager. This is the company’s way to increase productivity of employees.

4) Coca-Cola

The Human resource department of Coca-Cola plays it smart. It keeps office timings earlier than other company’s so that its employees can dodge traffic. Starting at 8.30 am (30 mins before the rest of the lot) and hence ends early at 5.15 pm, allowing employees to skip peak office hours.

5) KPMG India

Taking work from home to a different level altogether, this one has a work from anywhere policy. You can virtually do your work from anywhere you want, as long as it is implemented, completed and efficiently done. Ask any KPMG employee, they take trips for some time off, spend a day at home with their kids, as long as the daily targets are achieved.

6) Infosys

India’s very own is like a saviour for its employees. The Mysore campus is beautiful, has all facilities ranging from a gym to sports to amazing stay while other establishments like in Pune are encouraging company-provided buses and cycles to commute to the office for environmental protection and employee health. Planned public transport also encourages time-saving.

7) Bacardi

Situated in the heavily trafficked Gurgaon, this one goes beyond all possibilities. There are three work slots, carpooling, increased availability of work from home days to help, basically everything under the hood to encourage employee.

8) RVCJ media

This one awards the best employee to the one who utilizes the work from home privilege the best. Work from home option in RVCJ Media allows employees to invest as many work hours as they want and logout at their own convenience.

9) PricewaterhouseCoopers

PWC works for the benefit of its employees and reduces time wastage. It looks at low traffic areas, places closer to employee homes and in areas where housing is available. That is what they did in Mumbai and are planning to do in Noida.

10) AmEx South Asia

This company has established one day where it is car-free time. Car-free Tuesdays mean all employees have to use public transport to come to work and the same to return back home. In this way, their office in cybercity contributes their bit to reduce pollution.

These companies solely follow the agenda of ‘Be the change you want to see’. The times are changing and the office trend is shifting to work from home and these companies don’t mind changing with the trends to ensure maximum productivity.

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