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4 minutes read

10 Businesses To Start While Keeping A Day Job

| Published on September 25, 2019

Days jobs are basically what we do every single day, except on weekends. However, there are times when we look for something extra, something different and something more.

It might be due to the need for more money, availability of some time or desire to pursue other interests. A side-hustle is the best way to shelter each of these needs.

To help, we have a few options for you –

1) Freelance content writing

You can use various online platforms like Upwork to build your client base and work as per your availability. The best part is that all you need is a laptop, internet connection and a series of clients which you gather over a period of time.

2) Amazon reselling

Amazon has an option for you to generate profits through its platform. All you need to do is gather inventory and send it to Amazon. Thereafter, it sells it, ships it and even provides customer support for your products. The end result? You do minimal work of shopping/bargaining and gathering inventory and then get remaining profits directly via Amazon!

3) Graphic designer

Another freelancing gig, you can use your creative talent and knowledge to do part-time work for various websites or start-ups. With rising social media publicity and online content, graphic designing is taking the lead when we talk about both – high demands and high income!

4) Online educator

If you trust your proficiency in your field and your ability to help others, being an online course educator is the way to go. Develop your own course, plan and start teaching! You could also collaborate with other mentors or provide further development courses as well once your network is set.

5) Blogger

If you enjoy writing or want to test the waters, starting your own blog is where you spend a designated time reading, writing and learning. You could also look at sponsored content for better revenue. Pick a niche topic, develop your content and garner attention. Always remember, build relationships with your readers and be useful!

6) Travel consultant

Use your knowledge about the world and your love for travel to be a consultant in the field. You could launch a platform or online portal for people to consult you, ask for advice regarding trips or for you to talk about your experiences. Every individual has different needs and goals when it comes to travelling and you can be their guide in the dark!

7) Part-time photography

If you have access to a DSLR and its basic functioning, you could start here. Click good headshots of friends and family and get a consistent income. Infact, this is also how you can start small, keep networking and go up the ladder of photography!

8) Personal fitness trainer

If you have an inclination to fitness and a reputed history with it, this is where you put it to use. A very rewarding career where you get to work with the right clients and generate high income in less time.

9) Web developer

Almost everyone is moving to the internet and almost everyone is looking at the web. Once you have a hold of HTML, JavaScript via your education background or online training on platforms like Treehouse, you can get to work. More often than not, you don’t even need to start from scratch, the work is more of upgradation, adding new features or adding new designs!

10) At-home tutor

You could also look at tutoring young students in your locality or neighborhood. This way there is minimal time spent on travel, you get to help those around you and generate a steady source of income. Pick the subjects where your strengths lie in and get to work. The better you work, the more students you’ll reach via a simple word of mouth marketing gameplay.

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