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10 Brands That Have Foreign Names But Are Actually Indian

| Published on November 27, 2019

Names can be confusing, especially in the English language. Be it people, be it places or be it brands.

Hence, it isn’t surprising that many Indians get confused or are unaware of their very own brands, started and raised in their own home country.

Yes, you’ll be surprised when you see how these ten brands are actually born in India, made in India and flourished in India!

1) Allen Solly

Known as the brand that revolutionaries the Indian market for formal attire, it belongs to our very own, the Aditya Birla Group under its brand, Madura Fashion, and Lifestyle. Known for both men and women formals, it provides quality, style, and comfort.

2) Cafe coffee day

Recently in the news, it was founded by V.G Siddhartha as a coffee shop chain. Even after facing a lot of issues recently, in terms of finances and litigation, the company is still surviving and fighting the hard battle to succeed.

3) HiDesign

Based out of Pondicherry India, it primarily focused on leather goods. It was founded in 1978 by Dilip Kapur and has never looked back ever since.

4) Amrut Single malt

Known as a beautiful Indian Single malt whiskey brand, it was launched in 2004 by Amrut Distilleries. It has always received top ratings and is also renowned in other countries like the US, UK, Australia etc.

5) Da Milano

Da Milano established itself in Delhi in 1989, belonging to the Malik family. There are more than 60 functioning stores, ranging from luxury leather bags, slings, handbags, etc, led by Sahil Malik, the NIFT graduate.

6) La Opala

A listed company based out of Kolkata, it is a leading manufacturer of tableware. Known for its crockery and large exports to East Asian countries, La Opala has always been riding the horse well.

7) Peter England

This brand was founded in Ireland but then again, is now called an Indian brand. It was purchased by the Aditya Birla group to establish their international stronghold.

8) Flying machine

Owned by another famous garment house in India, the Flying machine belongs to Arvind mills, launched as India’s first home bred jeans brand. It has also expanded to manufacture t-shirts and shirts too.

9) Louis Phillipe

Launched in 1989, it is also a part of Madura Fashion and Lifestyle under the Aditya Birla group. The primary focus here is just overall men’s apparel, with prime quality and variety. Subtle and neat is the key.

10) AND

Anita Dongre launched AND and founded the House of Anita Dongre. She has a stunning collection of exclusive designs for women wear, that adheres to both – fashion and comfort.

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