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10 Brands That Did Marketing So Well That People Forgot The Original Products

| Published on December 25, 2019

It is amazing what a smart idea, a cool move or a genuinely creative piece of work can do. Yes, we are talking about the brilliant marketing campaigns that one gets to see which instills the memory of the brand that markets them but then the product gets forgotten. It is like the brand itself becomes the pseudo product and gets recognized just because of the amazing marketing team behind the brand. Let’s take a peek into 10 such brands:

1) Ajinomoto

Product replaces – Monosodium glutamate

A Japanese brand, Ajinomoto produces ingredients like seasonings to add to various Chinese and Japanese recipes. The actual product that is loved and highly used by the people is Monosodium glutamate which is a taste enhancer. But now, the marketing has been so strong that ask any chef, what are you adding to the dish? The answer would simply be Ajinomoto.

2) Google

Service replaced – Search engine provider

Google has widely replaced the phrase ‘Go search it on the Internet’ to just plain and simple ‘Google it’. Infact, it’s so commonly used that now Oxford has introduced is as an independent word in its dictionary. Undoubtedly Sundar Pichai led company has done extraordinary work to place Google where it is today. Google, under Alphabet Inc. has many other products and services under its hood, but it remains to be what defines an online search engine the best.

3) Maggi

Product replaced – Instant noodles

Nobody can ever question the love for Maggi among Indians. Like, who many times have you heard someone say let’s cook noodles? It is always ‘Maggi’. From the young teens to the old adults, Maggi has become the brand that everyone remembers, which was especially evident when it was banned due to government norms a few years back.

4) Thermos

Product replaced – Insulated Containers

Thermos LLC is known more as a product rather than a Brand all thanks to its brilliant marketing journey. Infact, it is like you search the word Thermos on the internet and you will see pictues have the insulated food and beverage container popping up, as compared to the company itself. Based out of Chicago, the company has led the path to technological advancements in the storage business.

5) Surf Excel

Product replaced – Laundry Detergent

Surf Excel is made by HUL as an in-house laundry detergent. It was a sole champion in India because of its marketing, starting from the ‘Daag ache hai (dirt is good)’ series. Even though competitors like Nirma have turned up strong these days, Surf still is the only definition of detergent in India.

6) Colgate

Product replaced – Toothpaste

Under Colgate-Palmolive, Colgate produces oral hygiene products ranging from toothpastes to dental floss. Ever since its entry in India, it has dominated the market and replaced Toothpastes in India. A shopkeeper isn’t asked for a Toothpaste anymore they are asked for a Colgate.

7) Dettol

Product replaced – Antiseptic liquid

A tiny little injury while playing football or cycling, and the first thing our parents would say, ‘Go put some Dettol first and then we’ll go to the doctor.’ Nobody ever said, go put some Antiseptic liquid. The catchy brand name to the emotionally connecting marketing, Dettol made history by bringing the trend of Antiseptic liquids in the nation.

8) Ujala

Product replaced – Liquid fabric whitener

Ujala since its launch in the market has made whiteness synonymous with Ujala. Originally called liquid fabric whitener, the Indian population has conveniently forgotten its name and has replaced it with its favourite Ujala! Well, all thanks to its marketing and branding!

9) Pilot

Product replaced – Pens

Pilot Corporation is a Japanese stationery company known for its premium quality pens where their goal is to give ‘Power to the pen!’. It isn’t new for stores to hear customers asking for a Pilot pen rather than asking for a gel pen, ink pen or a ball pen. Pilot has established a fan following which still remains unmatched by anyone else.

10) Aquaguard

Product replaced – Water purifiers

Aquaguard is the in-house water purifier brand that is trustable and economical. From big urban households to small rural households, everyone wants to have an Aquaguard. A home without an Aquaguard is incomplete, it leaves us to wonder, does anyone even remember is the products served by Aquaguard is originally referred to as water purifiers?

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