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10 Brands That Did Marketing So Well, People Forgot The Names Of The Original Products

| Published on December 2, 2019

How often do you use Xerox for a copy? Well, did you know Xerox is the name of a brand, the product/service it provided is making copies of the original papers?

Well, it’s not your fault. These brands did marketing so well that people forgot the name of the products:

1. Bisleri

Bisleri is a word that automatically has us imagining a bottle with that greenish tint of cover and the feeling of satisfaction it brings. Planning a road trip? Carry a carton of Bisleri. Scouting for something to quench your thirst after a round of local cricket? Ask the shopkeepers for Bisleri. Now you see it don’t you, Bisleri has replaced the standard term of the actual product we look for, a bottle of mineral water. For us, it is just Bisleri now.

2. Fevicol

Fevicol product name

Whenever there is any assignment during school days or any submissions in college, the first line or stationery item in the checkbox was always Fevicol. A must-have for all types of work and situations, launched by Pidilite, Fevicol replaced Gluestick. Nobody now goes to a shop to ask for Glue or a Gluestick, it’s always, ‘Fevicol please!’

3. Sunmica

Sunmica product name

An original, made in India and a heritage brand of India, when most Indians say Sunmica now, it simply means Laminates. Why? Because Sunmica is a lamination company, working with the best materials, colours, and artisans.

4. JCB

JCB brand

A world-renowned construction and excavation brand, it is headquartered in Rochester. However, in India and many places abroad, it has established a presence by replacing common words like mechanical diggers or excavators. JCB is so much in demand, Oxford has officially added the word in its dictionary!

5. Pampers


Pampers is a brand that is known for its quality and economical pricing. Every new-born parent(s) look for Pampers in the shopping aisle but at the end of the day, the product is a diaper available by many other brands now. However, the brand is more renowned, anyday.

6. M-Seal

Just like the name suggests, it is a brand by Pidilite for sealing, joining leaks or two separate metals. At the end of the day, it is a ‘sealant’ but you would hardly see anyone go asking around for a sealant when the problem strikes. It is always M-seal and well it’s worth it.

7. Parle-G

Parle-G has engraved the image of a cute kid eating a little biscuit with an adorable yet quirky expression. It is this huge marketing campaign that has allowed Parle-G to be the de facto biscuit brand of the country. When a housewife makes a grocery order, she doesn’t ask for breakfast plain biscuits, she directly asks for Parle-G.

8. Dalda

Dalda brands products name

One of the first few companies to launch a multi-dimensional ad campaign, it covered everything to movie theatres to road hoardings during its initial days itself. Dalda is a brand that sells vegetable oil but now, when anyone goes to a shop to might as well purchase vegetable oil from any other brand, they always ask for the Dalda, all the time.

9. All Out

brands name all out

The product? It is a mosquito repellent liquid that converts itself to air particles for easy functionality. But no, when we order, we say All Out Goodnight, three words which otherwise would have made zero sense when placed together. But then again, thanks to All Out’s innovative and updated marketing campaigns.

10. Jeep

Jeep brands vehicle name

Those cars in movies riding in farms during a vacation, everyone would spot a Jeep. However, not many know, not all such open adventure cars are Jeep manufactured. But the branding is such, even if anyone spots a Mahindra SUV, the first thought that comes to our heads is, is that a Jeep? Not as a brand but as a car type itself.

Every brand should take inspiration from the ones mentioned above, where each brand has so marketed the product so vigorously that the being of product is replaced with the name of the brand!

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