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10 Brands That Saw Most Engagement Using Twitter Marketing In 2018

| Published on December 26, 2018

In the world of social media, brand engagement plays a vital role in building consumer relations. And in 2018, Indian raised the bar for consumer engagement through innovative and inspirational brand campaigns. From brand awareness to product launches, brands in India were always there for us on Social Media.

While brands across so many industries made an effort to engage their audience on Twitter, these 10 brands shined through in 2018.

• Mercedes-Benz India

Mercedes-Benz India took the twitter gamification challenge to engage more audience on twitter so as to raise brand awareness. With funny and funky posts and amazing shots of its cars, it came 10th on the most engaging brands’ list.

• Tata Sky

We all remember Tata Sky for its catchy tagline, but in 2018, Tata Sky changed itself once and for all. It took its branding to the next level and its twitter handle came through, bagging the 9th position on our list.

• Amazon India

With all the Big Billion Sale glamour, Amazon took the digital marketing into a fiercely competitive game. That plus the One Plus 6 campaign that it ran, it was easy for Amazon India to bag a position on this list.

• Wipro

Wipro bagged the 7th position on our list for its updates regarding organizational growth and the WOOL magazine campaign.

• State Bank Of India

SBI bagged the 6th position for its exemplary work on engaging the audience and use twitter for important announcements.

• Motorola India

Motorola came 5th with its excellent work in product promotions with a lot of new products being brought to the Indian market this year alone.

• Xiaomi India

Same as Motorola, Xiaomi used twitter to market its products, just that it did it better than Motorola.

• OnePlus India

The top three are all phone brands. The fierce competition between them is what led to such drastic improvements in twitter audience engagement in 2018. On 3rd position is OnePlus India.

• Samsung Mobile India

Samsung Mobile bagged the 2nd spot.

• Honor India

With the best online marketing team, the quirkiest product launches and ad campaigns, Honor India stood 1st in our list.

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