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10 Biggest Challenges Faced By Startups In India

| Published on November 25, 2019

1. Insufficiency Of Talent

Although skilled personnel is not quite bad in India, startups just cannot afford them all the time. Often, however, the multi-skill required to make start-up success stories are very rare to find.

2. Lack Of Risk-Taking

Experiments can provide answers to many questions, which are badly required by any start-ups. However, either due to turn around time or due to financial situations they are often omitted or stymied.

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3. Financing

Accumulation of funding relies upon a few elements. Individual financial dependability just as that of accomplices, the business size, associations and finding the ideal time to contribute. While it’s a challenging task for most startups, a fortunate few don’t confront numerous issues with it.

4. Management

As the business starts to take shape, it requires every bit of awareness to sustain the flow. Indeed, even from the beginning, an unmistakable outline ought to be as a top priority to maintain a strategic distance from any irregularity in the inflow which can enhance itself medium-term to make things wild.

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5. Recruitment

This is specifically relative to your entrance to the capital. As I’ve stated, funding is a test for most startups, so procuring talented labor with a top to bottom learning of the concerned field, frequently ends up troublesome. Experienced people, then again, don’t want to include themselves with the hazard inclusion of new companies. It’s a tough issue and a lasting issue except if you have a committed and similar pack of friends.

6. Right Mentor

Having the business sharpness dependably keeps one a stage in front of others. This is, maybe, a significantly more serious issue than the gathering of financing. Cash can’t concede you vision and shrewdness, however, its essential for different things. So watchful and little strides at once can enable you to assemble energy in the end over the long haul. Ability, persistence, and strategies are the 3 aspects to remember.

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7. Lack Of marketing  strategies

Lacking information in marketing systems. In India, each state is interested in culture, food, and customs, language, outfit, etc. So what is moving in Maharashtra like hotcakes may stay immaculate in Tamilnadu? An exhaustive learning of area insightful need and a down to earth advertise overview is of most extreme significance before venturing into the hazardous ocean of new companies.

8. Government’s Involvement

India lacks a clear long-term start-up roadmap, as economic liberalization is quite new to India. Given the size of the nation and the priorities, the government seems to keep the road-map on the back burner.

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9. Peer pressure

Peer pressure is far more visible in a connected/gossip-loving society like India’s.

10. Investment Prospects

When guys of the caliber of Sequoia are investing in eye hospitals and retail chains, you have to realize how weak the venture system here is.

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