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10 Best Corporate Gift Ideas For Your Clients & Employees

| Published on September 30, 2018

Corporate gifts are a great way to let your clients, employees, and all associated with your company know that you value their association with your brand. Picking a gift for corporate purposes can be tricky. You want to keep it professional and make a lasting impression.

Tips for choosing a corporate gift

  • It is always a good idea to choose a corporate gift that conveys a similar message as your brand’s image in the market.
  • Your gift should be something that can be used daily to keep reminding the person about your brand.

What to gift?

1. Custom cookies with modified messages


This idea can do wonders for your brand too, especially if you are planning to give gifts in bulk amount.
This represents the messages of your brand and allows you to thank your clients in a fun, creative way.

2. Handcrafted personalized clock


Handcrafted products show that you care for your clients and gifting a clock will help in your branding also as anyone who visits clients workplace will see your gift.

3. Fitness trackers


Health can never go out of the trend and gifts related to fitness and health show that you care for the person’s welfare. Thanks to technology, there are many options in wearables that track the fitness. These can even increase the productivity of your employees too.

4. A box of coffee blends


Coffee has become an important part of today’s corporate culture. You can gift a box full of high-quality coffee beans selected by experts all across the world.

5. A nice calendar


No matter how much technology grows, the feeling which a good corporate calendar gives can’t be replaced.

6. A personalized eco-friendly pen set


If you want to give out the message of being eco-friendly, this is a perfect choice. Many clients and employees might appreciate a new pen with their name on it.

7. Bottles that maintain the temperature


These will help your clients to enjoy ice water on a summer day or hot coffee on a cold morning.

8. Music Flowerpot


This one is a really unique gift to give. It is a rare combination of style, eco-friendliness and music.

9. Kitchen Table Passport subscription


We all to send our business partners on trips an experience something that lasts in their memories for a lifetime. If you can’t afford such gifts, you can always give your clients a hint of that experience with a Kitchen Table Passport subscription. This gives you a variety of different gift boxes to choose from according to the taste of your different clients.

10. Natural Bamboo charger station


This is a great gift for tech-savvy people charging multiple devices at the same time is a very discomforting process. A natural Bamboo charging station is both a practical and stylish solution for your clients.

We hope this would have given some very good option to pick from as choosing a gift for your clients is a very confusing task for most of the people.

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