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10 Awesome QR Code Examples From Top Brands

| Published on May 8, 2023

QR Code, or Quick Response Code, is the trademark term for two-dimensional barcodes. In 1994, the Japanese company Denso Corporation created QR Codes as a solution to get around the drawbacks of barcodes.

All types of businesses, from small retail shops to popular luxury brands in different markets, are fascinated by QR Codes. The consumer experience that a business offers is enhanced with QR Codes. Over the past 20 years of their existence, QR Codes have been used in a wide variety of industries.

QR Codes gained popularity, after Toyota, a Japanese automaker, adopted the technology into their production process for the tracking and identification of automotive parts.

Do you need ideas for your upcoming QR Code campaign? This blog article will show you how well-known companies like L’Oreal, Tesco, IKEA, and many more revolutionized the usage of QR Codes.

Examples of QR Codes: 10 Brands that revolutionized the use of QR Codes

1. L’Oreal uses QR Codes to engage clients on the go

2. Taco Bell produces edible QR Codes

3. General Motors has replaced SPID labels with QR Codes

4. Starbucks uses QR Codes in their advertisements to enhance sales

5. Netflix and Snapchat collaborate on a QR Code-based promotional campaign

6. Nike makes customized shoes with QR Codes

7. IKEA introduces faster check-outs with QR Codes

8. In Shanghai, Cygames created a massive QR Code using drones

9. Tesco making virtual stores a reality with QR Codes

10. Nissan increases mobile engagement with QR Codes

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these 10 QR code examples from top brands showcase the versatility and creative potential of this technology. From enhancing customer experiences to streamlining business operations, QR codes have proven to be a valuable tool for modern businesses. As technology continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see how companies will continue to innovate with QR codes and utilize them in new and unique ways.

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