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10 Amul Ads That Sum Up The Year 2018 Perfectly

| Published on December 27, 2018

Amul is known for its ads on the ongoing trending ads. Content creators working at Amul must be really creative minds that they come up with something funny yet relatable work. Marketing experts often take the case study of Amul while making freshers learn about this industry. 2018 was full so many big Indian celebrities weddings, company leaders resigning from their work, sporting events and so much more. To sum the year we have gathered 10 best ads of Amul this year. Have a look:

Giving a tribute to the father of Indian Advertising industry- Alyque Padamsee

On India’s biggest monumental achievement

On Indian currency Rupee falling to an all-time low against USD

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Those famous hugs in Parliament…

After Walmart bought 77% stake in Flipkart

Bollywood blockbuster cleared with a small name change!

Elon Musk launched tesla in space

Hollywood’s biggest hit in India

WhatsApp limited ‘forwards’ to 5 users to contain rumors! 

The tragedy of the Kerala floods

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