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10 Agency Life Memes Everyone Working In This Industry Will Relate To

| Published on April 5, 2018

Most of the scenarios people face in their respective industries are similar to each other irrespective of the place and company we work in. Have you ever felt bad when the client has asked for too many changes in your project and even after doing all of them, there is a very low chance that your final product will be passed? Talking about another such incident, do you feel bad when your colleague gets all the appreciation for completing a task?There are many such incidents that happen in routine life while working in business related to marketing and advertising. To make them look funny, we have collected some memes that people working as a designer, copywriter, sales head, and creative director can relate to very easily. take a look:

1. How creative a banner ad with the ‘click here’ text is?

2. When you take suggestions of everyone seriously

3. When copywriter goes on a leave

4. So funny isn’t it?

5. Life of every introvert

6. Approval is the best thing to hear in agency life

7. Coming back to work on Monday

8. Now we know the main reason behind sticking printouts on the wall

9. You can imagine whats gonna happen next

10. When client gives too many ideas

Don’t you feel that these memes cover a lot of aspects of agency life in a very interesting way? Well, to check more such memes you can click here.

Which one did you like the most? Do let us know in comments and if you know more such memes do share them with us.

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