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07 Copies Of Famous Brands No One Can Tell Apart

| Published on July 27, 2020

Brands that have achieved a significant name in the world may have all the perks. Their sales might be rocket high and they might even be leaders of their field, but there is one thing that all brands dread. That is a copy cat.

When a product gets copied, the brand is exposed as volatile in the market. Its customers might get conned into buying the copied product which will bring distrust to their name. That is why brands always come forwards and acknowledge the copy cat disconnecting any ties that it can use.

Today we bring you 7 such brands that have been copied to the core that no one can tell them apart.

Range Rover VS Land Wind

Spot the difference: Jaguar Land Rover wins legal battle over ...

Jiangling Motors Corp. ripped the entire design of Jaguar Land Rover‘s Range Rover Evoque SUV for their Land WindX7 SUV. Tata Motors which owns Jaguar Land Rover, won the legal battle last year against Jingling Motors Corp.

Rolls Royce VS Geely Ge

Geely GE: Live Photos of China-Made Rolls-Royce Phantom Lookalike ...

To say Geely GE looks a lot like Rolls Royce Phantom would be an understatement. Not only Geely GE copied Rolls Royce‘s bulk body design, square headlights, and front air intake even their hood ornaments look the same.

Playstation Vs Polystation

Mom I Said I Wanted A Playstation Not A Polystation : crappyoffbrands

PolyStation is the name given to many Nintendo Entertainment System hardware clones that closely resembles a Sony PlayStation, particularly the PSone variant. The cartridge slot of these systems is located under the lid which, on an original PlayStation, covers the disc drive.

Oreo VS Borio

Borio: The next generation : dankruto

Borio is a local brand of biscuits in Egypt which not only looks the same as Oreo but tastes almost the same.

Kentucky Fried Chicken VS Obama Fried Chicken

Food imitation in China | Le blog du Programme Lascaux

China’s Obama Fried Chicken had a sign that looked much similar to KFC’s. KFC China even issued a public statement in 2011 stating that the company has no ties with OFC.

Starbucks VS Sunbucks

From Starbooks to Duffin Dagels: world's most cheeky fast food ...

Starbucks Coffee logo may be the most copied logo of the decade as it has many duplicates. Located in China, Sunbucks Coffee is an actual cafe that serves coffee.

iPhone VS HiPhone

5 Chinese Knockoffs: Deadly trade in counterfeit goods

China’s HiPhone was a complete rip off of Apple‘s iPhone. The only difference was that HiPhone ran on Android Software but the exterior body was completely similar.

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