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Netflix’s Revolutionary Marketing Campaign For ‘Extraction 2’ With Chris Hemsworth

| Published on June 27, 2023

Netflix has taken marketing to new heights with its latest promotional campaign for the highly anticipated film Extraction 2.’

Netflix's Revolutionary Marketing Campaign For 'Extraction 2' With Chris Hemsworth

By creating interactive billboards in New York City and Los Angeles, the streaming giant allows viewers to experience the intense action of the movie firsthand. With Chris Hemsworth reprising his role as Tyler Rake, the billboards ingeniously simulate sweat dripping down his face, bringing the thrilling sequences to life.

Revolutionary Billboards: Sweat That Feels Real

“The movie is adrenaline-packed,” says Netflix’s chief marketing officer Marian Lee. “We really think about testing new things. We have traditional billboards, too. But the sweaty billboards were great.”


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Netflix’s innovative billboards use laser-cut holes and a water supply to replicate intense perspiration, captivating passersby and creating unforgettable experiences. Marian Lee, Netflix’s chief marketing officer, emphasizes the company’s commitment to testing new ideas and states that the sweat-drenched billboards were a great success.

Success and Future Prospects

The unique marketing efforts had a significant impact on the success of ‘Extraction 2.’ The film became Netflix’s most viewed title, attracting approximately 42.8 million viewers within the first three days. The sequel’s popularity even revitalized interest in the original film, making it the second-most watched movie of the same week. These achievements have led Netflix to announce plans for ‘Extraction 3,’ generating further anticipation.

Harnessing the Power of Chris Hemsworth


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Chris Hemsworth’s involvement in the marketing of ‘Extraction 2’ amplified the film’s promotional material. His star power, coupled with his creativity and collaborative spirit, resonated with audiences and enhanced their enthusiasm for the movie.

Continual Innovation and Excitement

Netflix’s groundbreaking marketing campaign for ‘Extraction 2’ has raised expectations for the franchise’s future. With innovative billboards and Chris Hemsworth’s involvement, fans eagerly await the next chapter as Netflix continues to push boundaries and build excitement.

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